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The Guild 2, what went wrong?

The Guild 2 was a game unlike any other that I played. It has a blend of Roleplay and Economics, combined with intrigue and politics, all tied up into a top-down almost RTS like view. You could become anybody you wanted, in theory. As a rogue you could had started your own Thieves Guild, Pirate band, Mercenary group or invest in Pubs. As a Scholar you could had become a man of a Church, Doctor or… magician. Even the seemingly two “generic” choices of Craftsman and Patron were spiced up with what you could do on the side. Sure, you might had a perfectly legitimate Pub, or Blacksmith business, but secretly you could have an army of goons, ready to demolish the competition. That was the charm of The Guild 2. Not just the legitimate “You are better than me” economy style gameplay, but also “I killed off your family, ruined your reputation and ended you.” intrigue, crime and politics gameplay.

What went wrong with this title that it obtained average marks, and was often received poorly by critics? Let’s find out.

The Guild 2: Renaissance

“Where is everybody?”