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SWTOR: This IS the game you’re looking for

“Chrysophase, you towering paragon of intellectual fecundity and hirsute masculinity,” those of you suffering from severe cranial trauma might say. “Don’t you know Star Wars: The Old Republic was released for public consumption way back in December of 2011? Why are you bothering to review this now? It’s practically a fossil by game industry standards.”

“Well, my surprisingly articulate friends,” I say to you, preparing to heave the second brick, “In an age when the average attention span is no longer than it takes to read a caption on a humorous picture of an exploited cat, SWTOR is indeed dated. But other MMORPGs far older are still alive and kicking. World of Warcraft: Kung Fu Panda edition is raking in players hand over fist, and it was first launched in the days before known history, when ancient gamers were reduced to sitting at their tower PCs and logging onto the internet using a hardline. Imagine the depravity of paying for one’s own internet. Dinosaurs roamed the earth. People were smart and phones were dumb, rather than vice versa, back in the halcyon days of 2004. And now that SWTOR is offering free trials and is implementing a real-cash for game tokens system, examining the light side, dark side, and long-term viability of the game may be in order.”