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Khaaaaaan! A Star Trek: Online Review.

Star Trek and Star Wars are two franchises I came in contact with, but I never immersed myself in either universe more than I had to. Star Wars was a story of good vs evil, while Star Trek a secretly covered up 80s political commentary. With Star Wars there were countless different games which introduced older and newer parts of the story. I did not play most of them, but I did try Star Wars: The Old Republic and I was awe-struck. It was not only an impressive single player experience, but I felt that I finally understood everything about Star Wars (for once). Perhaps it is because I played as a Sith Inquisitor, but the game was an incredible experience.

Recently Star Trek Online went FTP (Free to Play). I knew very little about the universe, though I enjoyed some of the TV series. I did not play any of the Star Trek games, so this was a first. I did not read any of the game’s descriptions to see what would fascinate me the most, when I entered the game entirely green. What did I find? A mix of fun, as well as big disappointments.