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Rising Storm: The Brief Infantry Guide

While Rising Storm is still in Beta (at the time of finishing this Guide it was fully released) I decided to take the opportunity and write about the different classes and weapons present in Rising Storm. In case you are not familiar with Rising Storm, it’s a game set in the Pacific Theater during World War 2. It was created by Tripwire Interactive, the same Developer who made Red Orchestra 1 and 2. As you might expect, a lot of the mechanics from Red Orchestra 2 are present in Rising Storm. A few weapons are different, and a bit of fluff was added here and there but if you played Red Orchestra then you know, more or less, what to expect from this title.

In this Guide we will focus on the Infantry Classes, as there are no tanks to speak of. While you might be used to highly similar “Classes” in Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm has a few surprises up its sleeve.