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Changes to the Zombie Apocalypse in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a zombie survival game which follows the Dwarf Fortress method of learning. In other words, you learn from losing. Project Zomboid is a demanding game on a number of different levels, and it takes very little to make things spiral out of control for you. Hunger, infection, sickness, are among some of the things you will have to pay careful attention to. As I pondered on this title I came to ask myself the question, “What has been happening with Project Zomboid?”. Since my purchase some time ago I did not see a new update, for a moment thinking that maybe Desura failed to update my version.

Project Zomboid Cooking Guide (?!)

Hello Survivors!

Ever felt like cooking something? Maybe a omelette? Duck in sweet sauce? Cooked Crab? Tough luck, this is the zombie apocalypse, in Project Zomboid. You will be lucky if you find a half-eaten ham sandwich. How to cope in this culinary hostile world? Watch our video! (Disclaimer: This is not a proper cooking guide. Buy a book for that.)

Project Zomboid Gameplay and Tips Video

Myself playing a bit of Project Zomboid, and handing out a few tips regarding this specific blend of the zombie apocalypse.

I need to straighten out one of my statements in the video. A zombie bite WILL infect you for certain, while a scratch has a CHANCE of infecting you. One of the first symptoms of the infection is constant high pain. If the pain does not go away after a few in-game hours, you are most likely infected. During the final stage of the infection, your health will continue to decrease and worsen.

If you want to see something specific from Project Zomboid, type the request in the comments below.

Project Zomboid: The difference between life and Undeath

It has been thirty days since this… mess started. Food is running low, during the recent trip to the Super Mart one of those things scratched your arm. Thankfully you had some pain killers and some cloth to bandage yourself up. You scratch your forehead and check your pack. You see your trusty pistol with its last clip already inserted, some water and a candy bar. You begin to look around your temporary safehouse and see that it was the house where you saw Miss so-and-so shamble toward you, the first time you saw one of these “Undead”. You see her carcass on the floor and the lamp you used to beat her head in… You decide to stand up, as your knees ache, you turn around and realised… the windows are uncovered. One of them turns toward you out in the street, stands lifelessly, staring at you as if you were a painting in some museum. With a single groan it begins to shamble toward your house. Instinctively you draw out your pistol and fire, the glass shatters, and the bullets flies harmlessly right next to it. Before you know it the whole street is bathed in groans and before long you hear the characteristic hammering and scratches on the front door… Looks like this is your last stand… Welcome to Project Zomboid.


Project Zomboid

Not exactly the best way to start a zombie apocalypse.