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Primal Carnage: The Basics Guide

Be it Dinosaur or Human, there are things that you have to learn about your respective classes, strategies and a few tips and tricks to cope better both in groups and alone. The aim of this Guide is to provide some basic information on Primal Carnage, its classes and all the other tid-bits that you might be interested in. While I will not tell you how to “win” (there is never a formula for that) I hope that you will gain something new from this guide, or if you are new to Primal Carnage some basic, yet crucial, information. Let us begin by jumping into the basic controls. Jump ahead for into on different classes or to the far end for some Hints and Tips.

Primal Carnage

Are you the Hunter or the Prey?

Primal Carnage available for Pre-Purchase on Steam

There are not that many games with dinosaurs about. The only such games that come to my mind are Jurassic Park spin-offs, including some “Theme Park” builders. There were also a few FPSs, but the choice is not as impressive when compared to “Modern Combat” or “World War 2″ games. Holding this in mind, did you ever want to play a game where Mercs fight against Dinosaurs, and where both sides are controlled by players? Where you could be a hunter, skulking in the jungle to pick off the bigger lizards, or a T-Rex that is currently making himself a man-wich? I already wrote about Primal Carnage, in a general information Article and an article focusing on a new Trailer that was released. This time around I would wish to inform all of you that Primal Carnage will be available on Steam for Pre-Purchase.

Primal Carnage

“Dude! Not cool!”

Primal Carnage – “Pyro” and “Headbutt Dino” Video

We have some new footage from Primal Carnage. This time we get a glimpse at two different classes/characters, one for the Mercs and one for the Dinos. First we will have an opportunity to see the Pyromaniac, who uses grenades and an awesome Flamethrower-Chainsaw. How come nobody ever thought of combining the Chainsaw with a Flamethrower? I can see such a weapon both in Fallout and Team Fortress (for the Pyro), yet nobody thought it up before! The second character/class is what I call the “Headbutt Dino” (Carnotaurus). I call it the Headbutt Dino for one simple reason. It headbutts everything. In the video you will see it headbutt its way through Mercs with incredible ease.  Its first proper appearance in the video made me laugh, because it rammed into a tightly packed group of survivors, making them fly off in different directions, as if it was a bowling track.

Primal Carnage: Man vs Dinosaur

Ever wanted to be part of Jurassic Park, after the Dinosaurs are loose? Ever wanted to run around hunting for a T-Rex, or flee from Velociraptors? Perhaps you wanted to be the dinosaurs and munch on some fast-food? Primal Carnage (by Luke Warm Media) offers just that. Play as either Humans or Dinosaurs in intense player versus player matches on climatic jungle maps. If you hold doubts whether this game will impress watch the video below. Your jaw will be somewhere on the floor, grab it before some lizard takes it.

Update: We have an extensive guide to Primal Carnage. Check it out if you need some help!