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Portal 2: The Perpetual Testing Initiative

Ever wanted to design your own level in Portal 2? Well, on the 8th of May that dream will become reality! The Perpetual Testing Initiative, initiated by Valve Aperture Laboratories will allow you to create your own test chambers for everybody and anybody to test. Not only will you be given the tools to do so, but there will be a dedicated section of the Steam Workshop for custom-designed levels. This means, easier browsing and promotion, as well as feedback, of your and other people’s’ test chambers.

Although there are very little details on how will the software look it is said to be very easy to use, and FREE! I do feel sad for the Octopus however… I wonder will it make a come back some time in the future? Unless it was the “Kraken” in Half-Life 1. That would explain a bit. In any case, to SCIENCE!