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PlanetSide 2 Guide to Taking Over Facilities

PlanetSide 2 is a huge MMOFPS. You play as a soldier for one of the three Factions in the game and your task is simple, conquer. You can try being a single soldiers, and help out wherever you are needed. You can join a Platoon or Outfit to better coordinate attacks and defenses at different regions. You could be a Pilot, Tanker, Scout, Frontline Soldier, Medic, Mechanic, Sniper or anything else for that matter. Each class typically has multiple things you can do with it and as such numerous ways how you can help your team. This Guide however focuses on the essential part of your “work” in PlanetSide 2, taking over locations. The basic premise is simple. Take over “flags” and hold them until you “Cap” the entire location. That is your very basic idea on what you have to do. If you desire to learn more, read on.

PlanetSide 2

Will your attack be just as spectacular and calm?

PlanetSide 2: Tales of an Infiltrator

While I heard of PlanetSide 2 before I was never sufficiently tempted to play it. Recently that temptation appeared and I sat down to download the client and register my “Station” with Sony. I watched different Videos, read comments but I was by no stretch informed on what the game is about. Or should I say, “How do I win in this?”. When I started the game I had a choice between three factions. My head told me, “It’s the same thing, they just look differently and some have cooler music.”. I looked at my limited choices and went for the one that did not seem that popular with the Streamers I have been watching, the Vanu Sovereignty. These purple chaps had a thing going for them, in regards to technology. Although the Terrans were very tempting with their “Dakka Dakka” guns I went for the “Scientists”.

Planetside 2

Slick, but how does he see anything?