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Papers, Please – Immigration Officer Simulation

One of those days I will wake up and realise that there was an Indie game developed for every single job imaginable. This time around I would like to bring forth a game in which you are an Immigration Officer, of a Communist country called Arstotzka. Your job is to regulate who enters or does not enter, your wonderful country. Of course, this is more complicated than it sounds. People will attempt to enter through the use of forged documents. As time progresses you will be given more tools to regulate people entering the country. At first you will only have to examine their passports for correct information, then you will have to collect tickets, verify documents and you will even have an opportunity to catch terrorists, smugglers and criminals (if you read the news and pay careful attention to detail). The best part? It’s still in Beta, so we can expect much, much more from this title.

Papers, Please

An example of what you will be doing in the game. Due to a recent terrorist attack I have to “Scan” all the people from the nation of Kolechia. You can see her body scan hidden behind the rule book, entry permit on the left and passport on the right.