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Middle of Nowhere – Teaser Trailer

Some time ago I wrote about Middle of Nowhere, an upcoming Horror Survival game that has that Silent Hill feel. A few days ago the first Teaser Trailer was released, showing a bit of the gameplay mechanics, the monsters and the environments. While it is clear that the game is still a work in progress, and on the side of the graphics there is still a need for a lot of polish, I am glad we can take this short glimpse into Middle of Nowhere.

In case you did not read our previous article, or you can’t be bothered with clicking the link, Middle of Nowhere is about Issac, Emily’s father. Emily has been suffering a series of strange nightmares, and has often been found sleep walking, away from the house. In an attempt to find a doctor who could help Emily, Issac drives with her in search of a doctor. They crash, and when Issac awakens he finds Emily missing and he is forced to search the strange world of Middle of Nowhere to find her.

As myself and others have noticed, the game does have a certain Silent Hill feel to it. How far will the developers go with sustaining this, and what will the gameplay be like is yet to be seen. My personal hope is en par of something like Silent Hill, where combat, while present, will not be the focus of the game, and instead it will be the puzzles, evasion and the HORROR that will pull on our strings.

There will be an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Middle of Nowhere, so stay tuned on news about that If you want to learn more about Middle of Nowhere check out their site.

Now, sit back and relax. It is time for the trailer. Do not be prepared for any super-duper CGI. This is some very early gameplay footage (I did find the music to be very good though, there is more of it on their site).

Middle of Nowhere – Upcoming Indie Game

So, Middle of Nowhere. The title does not suggest much, does it? I decided to check it out regardless, and I was rather intrigued by what was offered, with my usual dose of skepticism. Middle of Nowhere is a Horror Survival Game, set in the world of “Nowhere”. While so far there are no gameplay videos, we have an opportunity to listen to the soundtrack, read up on the background of the characters and the game itself, and study the different screenshots to see what will await us.

Middle of Nowhere

I would not call it overly inviting… But it still better than staying outside, no?