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Men of War Guide. Part 4 – Attack and Defense

We are at an end of the road here. The final (for now) part of the Men of War Guide will explore some ideas behind organising an effective Attack and Defense. The situation is rarely in your favour, and as a commander you should always remain sceptical of any success you have. Although you could defeat an enemy attack there is no guarantee of victory, untill the battle ends. Although I will provide two examples from my own battles I cannot give you a simple formula for “winning”. You will have to perfect that yourself, but use the ideas given here to inspire you.

Men of War

Attack or Defense? Whichever the case, be prepared.

Men of War Guide. Part 3 – Deployment

Knowledge of the game mechanics and knowledge of the different units at your disposal are the bare minimum of winning a round in any game. With all the information you have gathered you must now design a strategy. Depending on the Game Mode you might have to adjust yourself to a specific task, but a lot of the time the principle rules do not change. In this part of the Men of War Guide we will examine what I refer to as the “Basic Deployment”.

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Men of War Guide. Part 2 – Game Mechanics

When you play Men of War it is easy to go for the most expensive or cheapest units and sacrifice them in a mindless assault, just like in that scene from Enemy at the Gates. It takes a bit of thought and experience to use your troops properly. Knowledge of your troops is one thing, but understanding the game mechanics and terrain is crucial to succeed. In this part of the Men of War Guide we will talk briefly about the Game Mechanics.

Men of War

An explosion is as dangerous as it is impressive.