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Magicka: Other Side of the Coin – Live Action Trailer

Some games developers know how to make excellent Videos and Trailers. One of the best examples is Valve, which made some of the most hilarious Trailers and Videos I have ever seen. Paradox is not that far behind, and in the case of the new Live Action Trailer for The Other Side of the Coin, I think they certainly tickled the fancy of many different movie fans. Other Side of the Coin is a new DLC for Magicka, where Alucart and his Necromancers decide on doing what Evil does best… doing some Evil! To be more precise, destroying an Elven settlement. Considering the fact that very few people like Elves (for some reason) perhaps you do not have to be evil to enjoy this DLC?

The DLC will not only have a new, though mildly short, campaign, but also a new Robe for you to use, and four new Challenge Maps. At least now we have an opportunity to play as the bad guys, and destroying things feels just a tiny bit more justifiable! Then again, I presume most of us destroyed everything anyway. Enough about the DLC though! Let us jump to the clip itself. It might be short, but anybody who played Magicka would find in it something from the very start of the game. (Hint: It is a fruit)

Ten Magicka Tips to survive about fifteen seconds longer

You played Magicka, or plan on buying it? You want to read up a few useful tips to get your bearings around the game, or to help you with your own gaming methods? Look no further. Magicka might be a colorful and funny game but it is also challenging. As you progress to the final stages of the Campaign you will find the need to be a very skilled wizard. Before you get that far though you must learn a few basics which will help you cope in this strange and dangerous world.


Let’s be honest. Wizards were never good with swords.

Magicka Review – Fireballs, Frostbite, and Friendly Fire

What is Magicka? Is it a satire of the Fantasy setting? A collection of numerous Easter eggs and nods toward Movies and other Video Games? Or is it an intense Action Game, best played with friends? It is most certainly all of the above. It has fun, it has wit, and it has challenge. You can play it alone, or with friends. You can download bonus content which will allow you to use more characters, and host more varied games. If you do not want to spend more money than you wish, you can always join games hosted by players with the bonus content, and then you can use all manner of cool gear! Aside from this fact, how good, or bad, is Magicka?


In Magicka you are better off feeding the troll.