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Last Stand: Dead Zone – Not A Normal Facebook Game

If you are familiar with Flash Games, especially Zombie Flash Games, then I am certain at some point you played or heard of the Last Stand Series. They are three separate Flash Games, each one focusing around the life of a poor lone Survivor who tries to escape from the horrors of the Zombie Apocalypse. First he is holed up in a Fast Food Joint. Then, he has to travel between different locations, scavenging for fuel and supplies to reach Union City. In the third game of the Series the theme from a “Tower Defense” and Management game was shifted to a Survival RPG, where you create your own character and end up in Union City, trying to find your wife in a zombie infested hell hole. All three Flash Games were excellent. While not always challenging they provided a lot of entertainment to a zombie genre fan. Then I stumbled on the next Last Stand game… in a place I did not expect to find it, Facebook.

Last Stand: Dead Zone

While this is not my own Safehouse, you can see what yours can grow up to be! Also, here you can see how the Survivors are protecting their home from a Zombie Attack.