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Key to Heaven: The Land of Marovia Relaunches After Hiatus

Key to Heaven: The Land of Marovia (K2H) is a small-scale, two-dimensional massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It was developed and published by K2H Productions, a one-man Swedish independent, with help from a few collaborators. Operations resumed in May after a server crash caused a six-month long stoppage. Said server has since been relocated in hopes of improved stability.

A safe haven for new players.

Marovia beckons once again

There exists a family of computer game engines built using the defunct Visual Basic 6 programming language. Of the many available engines, K2H Productions specifically employs MSE1 (Mirage Source Engine Build-1), an outdated build modified to suit the needs of the developer. Brief hands-on time revealed little about the story line, only that events take place during the Middle Ages. Custom-made sprites are paired with original audio composed by a musician under the alias of Grant. Expect the learning curve to be minimal as gameplay seems similar to mainstream MMORPGs.

Although free of charge, players may opt for a yearlong paid membership–or purchase features separately–which includes stat point reallocation, cosmetic goodies, access to an exclusive VIP forum section, and a special sub-domain for your guild.

In its current state, the game is considered complete. Incremental updates based on feedback from the community will be implemented as time goes on. As such, suggestions are not only encouraged, but welcome. The latest addition was the introduction of a new inventory system.

A successor is in the works with an emphasis on PVP (player-vs-player) and crafting. According to the official website, visuals of K2H2 (production title) will be more isometric than its predecessor. No release date has been determined.

Source: K2H Productions