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Jagged Alliance: Online – 10 “Survival” Tips

So, you gave Jagged Alliance: Online a try, but things are not going as planned? Do not worry, this is not the simplest or easiest Tactical Game out there, and even a Strategy veteran like myself had problems getting an easy start. So I formulated this series of Tips so that you may have an easier time starting your Merc career in Jagged Alliance: Online. While this Guide will not teach you everything there is to know about the game it will certainly help you, whether you are completely green or already experienced.

Jagged Alliance: Online

My base. The Hospital is the most of all your structures, but maintaining your warehouse and workshop will also pay-off.

Jagged Alliance: Online – “Why are we here?”

Jagged Alliance: Online is a browser based Video Game that recently showed up on Steam. That is the main reason how I learned of it and I was anxious to try it out, after my lengthy escapades with Company of Heroes 2. I only played Jagged Alliance: Wildfire before, and I must say that I loved that game. You were the head of a small Mercenary Company, tasked with taking back a small country from the clutches of a corrupt and ruthless dictator. You operated through a laptop and a small starting sum of money. You needed to contact A.I.M. to recruit Mercenaries to your company. If you wanted more gear or supplies you had to order it online and get it shipped to the country (bribing the local “care taker” to give you your goods). All was not beautiful and in order to make money you would have to do all manner of tasks. Sometimes you would have to box, other times hunt for known criminals. Your “main” source of money were the towns you would liberate, and the mines that were attached to them. The higher your achievements during the game the more money the mines would produce, but you would also have to protect the liberated cities, by training Militias… It all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? And I did not even start talking about the complex turn-based or real-time combat, where each Merc had his own abilities and specialties, and you could perform any attack in a multitude of ways… So where does Jagged Alliance: Online stand in all of this?