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Hearts of Iron 3: Collection Review

My meeting with the Hearts of Iron series began with Hearts of Iron 1. It was an intriguing experience to say the least. I could play as any nation, and either follow the “set path” of the 2nd World War, or make my own history. When I bought Hearts of Iron 2 I was incredibly happy by the introduced changes, and the nicer graphics. I could still do the same things I could do in Hearts of Iron 1, but with slightly more complexity, and  much more fun. Today we have Hearts of Iron 3, and I can honestly say that in terms of complexity it is like Hearts of Iron 1 and 2 combined. On the other hand, Hearts of Iron 3 does not strangle you with a cable cord. It is the friendliest grand strategy game I have ever played. What does Hearts of Iron 3: Collection bring to the table?

Hearts of Iron 3: Collection

It quickly became apparent that France was nothing like in the brochure.