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Game Dev Tycoon – Let’s Make Games!

Game Dev Tycoon is something I would call a “light simulation”. You are the head of your own Video Game Development Studio and what you do from there is entirely up to you… sort of. You start with four set Gaming Topics, and a very limited number of design options and you make games. At first from your Garage, eventually moving to a humongous Studio/Office. From Zero to Hero, that sort of thing. Along the way you will research new design techniques, making your games even more awesome. You will improve the skills of your workers (and yourself) to specialize in different design areas… Eventually, you might decide to make your own “Super Game”, with a million dollar budget, for your own Console, while your R&D Department will help boost Hype around your new title. It all sounds colorful, doesn’t it? It’s a somewhat bumpy road, but still a pleasant one.

Game Dev Tycoon

Microsoft started off in a Garage, you will too!