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Dungeonland Review

Dungeonland is a style of game I did not play before. Not in the sense of Dungeon Crawlers, but overall style. It is colorful, funny, silly, “simple” yet at the same time it can be very complex. One look at any screenshot from the game and you realise that among the different games where dungeons were dark, mysterious and unforgiving you end up with something that follows the same idea, but looks entirely different. It was not until I played the game with John that it became apparent that the style of gameplay was similar (if not exactly the same) to what we had in The Gauntlet. Before we go into the details let me just say that in the Dungeon Crawler Genre Dungeonland certainly adds a breeze of fresh air, not only with its aesthetics, but also the Dungeon Maestro Mode. While I might be spoiling the ending for you I consider this one of the most intriguing games I have played thus far.