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Deadly Premonition: The Janus of Games

I thought since Halloween is now way past the yardarm—and I’ll be damned if server issues are gonna stop me from celebrating my favorite holiday—that I’d take a moment to whip out an old favorite and give everyone a good, close look. But since doing that last year got me arrested for indecent exposure, I figure I’ll just do a game review instead. And who better to give us a glimpse of the intensely Irish look at All Hallow’s Eve, which the Celts called Samhain, than the Japanese?

What may seem, and indeed is, a comical statement contains certain hidden truths, much like the holiday itself. Though kiddified, Anglicized, and Christianized over the years, Samhain was originally a harvest festival. The darker half of the year came thanks to what was seen as a door to the Otherworld swinging the other way. Spirits from this world could cross over and vice versa. Anyone who has felt the cold wind on their neck on a dark October evening knows there’s something to this, regardless of how much we don’t wish to admit it.

Michael Myers, eat your heart out.

All you need to hear is the clatter of leaves driven along the wind and you’re back.