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DeadEnd: Cerebral Vortex Review

DeadEnd: Cerebral Vortex is an interesting Puzzle/Labyrinth game, the first of this type I have ever met. Although you do not have much of a story the aim of each level is for you to gather Soul Cubes, which represent fragments of your soul. That might seem like a laughable task, but in fact the labyrinths that you always end up in make it as hard as possible for you. Walls will disappear, and reappear. The Soul Cubes you saw moments ago will suddenly be hidden behind a solid door. When you think you are close to completing a level you will enter a Portal and end up in some new location on the map. DeadEnd: Cerebral Vortex will be hard at first, but once you figure it out you will enjoy passing through each next level.

DeadEnd: Cerebral Vortex

What would Freud have to say about this?