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Crusader Kings II – The Guide to Happiness

You might be wondering, “What the blazes is a Guide to Happiness?”. The aim of this Guide is to provide tips and hints on how to keep your nation “Happy”. Crusader Kings II often sets your ruler, and thus you, in a difficult situation when it comes to keeping your entire nation content. If the Peasants are content the Lord could be unhappy, and vice versa. There are numerous factors which influence a character’s disposition toward somebody else. Although it will never guarantee peace completely, at least you can place a higher demand on your subjects when you need it most. It is very easy to turn a strong reign into complete anarchy, only because you neglected one of the social groups.

This Guide will be divided into a number of subsections, so jump to the part which interests you most.

Crusader Kings II

One of the easiest ways to gain to the support of the Clergy and Pope is by taking part in a Crusade. It does not have to succeed, but you have to make a sufficient effort.

Crusader Kings II – 10 General Tips

Was everything easier in the past? Crusader Kings II, if it could, would say “I beg to differ.” It is an incredibly demanding Medieval experience, even if it does lack Dragons, Wizards and other Fey creatures. What makes it complex and at times difficult is the stunning AI, the scheming of your Lords (and not only) as well as the problematic (in a good way) Diplomatic system. There are very few games that made me realize that it is possible for the AI to create dastardly schemes to get rid of you (in a way). One such case, among many, was when the brother of my ruler killed all the other heirs by assassination in order to take the throne for himself, but because he quickly became unpopular (he had a terrible character, go figure) his other relatives started a Civil War to dislodge themselves from the kingdom.

That, and much more, you can find in Crusader Kings II, but what should we do in order to keep some control over the happenings in your Kingdom? Read on.

Crusader Kings II

My highly successful ruler. Not only did he bring up a sizable family, but also achieve both Prestige and Piety, not counting his military and financial success.