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Company of Heroes 2 – Panther Guide

Company of Heroes featured one of the most prominent tanks of the 2nd World War, the Panther Tank. This Guide about the Panther Tank is meant to be an actual in-game guide for Company of Heroes 2 as it is a short piece of fiction. It was my first experiment with trying to combine creative writing with creating a guide for a video game. You might had seen many of our guides here, and while informative I am trying a new angle on Guide writing, and this is one of these examples. The other can be viewed here.

Company of Heroes 2 – Winter Guide

Company of Heroes 2 has added a number of new elements to its gameplay. One of them is the Winter. This is more of a map-type than strictly speaking a mechanic, but one leads to the other. As stated in our Company of Heroes 2 Basics Guide, Winter maps tend to offer new challenges. You have to maintain certain lanes between the front and your base. You need to take into account local buildings, frozen lakes and fires. The battles become not only about tactical superiority but also attrition. Infantry is mainly affected by the winter but tanks too cannot feel perfectly safe from its “charm”.

Company of Heroes 2: The Soviets

While I did play mainly as the Germans, in Company of Heroes 2, I found the Soviets to be surprisingly fun, maybe because they were more demanding, in a number of ways, and here I found the choice of Commanders far more important than in the case of the Germans. The Soviets have a lot of lighter Vehicles, and their infantry lack the same punch against tanks like Panzer Grenadiers do. Even calling in an SU-85 does not guarantee victory, and you will often find yourself in a bit of a pickle if the Germans were given too much liberty with fuel, but it’s not the end of the world.

In this Guide we discuss the Soviets. Their Core and a few of their Special Units. We will discuss Strategies and Tips to better cope against the Germans, at least during Online games. If you are looking for more info check out our list of Company of Heroes 2 Guides.

Company of Heroes 2

Little ducklings, following their mother duck.

Company of Heroes 2: The Germans

In this part of the Company of Heroes 2 “Guides” we will talk about the Germans. This is one of the more favorite factions, and I played it more often myself. However, it is very easy to fail with the Germans, especially if you fail to understand their “system”, or rather, do not take advantage of their strengths and limit their weaknesses. First I will introduce you to the different units for the Germans (mentioning a few of the Special ones) then moving onto some Tips and Strategies, with the Germans.

If you are looking for more info we have a general list of Company of Heroes 2 Guides.

Company of Heroes 2

“Forward! For Germany!” (Spoiler: That is not a German plane above them.)

Company of Heroes 2: The Basics Guide

After an intensive period of playing as both the Germand and Soviets in the Company of Heroes 2 Open Beta I feel that for all those who never played a Company of Heroes game, yet are curious how it plays out, I decided to write up this Guide. Company of Heroes 2 differs from Company of Heroes 1 in a number of ways. The addition of the Winter is one major change. The Economy has been slightly reworked, and it is much harder to “Spam” effectively, but it is still possible. I will try to include as much information as possible, even though a lot of it may be found in the game’s Tutorial and Tips Videos (as well as Hints). However, I will include a few Tips of my own, and Strategies you may use against you enemies, be it when playing as the Soviets or Germans.

Take note, this is from my Open Beta experiences, what you might have in the actual game can differ from what I state here, so the Guide might, eventually, also change, as I dwell into the main game itself. Also, because I had problems running the game on anything higher than MINIMUM graphic setting the screenshots look… terrible…

Also, in case you are wondering, the lack of links to a Wiki is because there is none (yet). As soon as some solid content appears I will link it as well. If you are looking for more info we have a general list of Company of Heroes 2 Guides.

Company of Heroes 2

Why would you play a Wargame if not to fight other people?

Company of Heroes 2: Open Beta Impressions

When I realised that Company of Heroes 2 entered an “Open Beta” stage I immediately started downloading it… only to realise that with my current internet connection (I was visiting family) it would take a long, long time. It took almost three days, of constant downloading, sudden Windows Update Resets and one or two Bluescreen crashes to finally get it running. Considering the long wait, was the game worth it? The short answer is, yes. But for the longer answer read below.

I plan on writing a Guide for Company of Heroes 2. A general “Basic Guide” and some tips that anybody might find useful!

Company of Heroes 2 – Forgotten Sacrifice Trailer

Recently a new trailer for Company of Heroes 2 was released. Throughout most of it we do not get to observe any in-game action. What we do get is some facts and numbers about the 2nd World War. At first the focus is on the Western Front, where we are told what were the losses for the Americans during D-Day and further. Then we are told of the Eastern Front, and how many more losses they suffered (half a million as opposed to 11 million troops and 15 million civilians). The morale of the trailer is that we should not forget about the sacrifice of those people, to stop the spread of the Axis forces east.

I might not be a qualified historian, but the way the Trailer is presented made it feel more like a Propaganda movie reel than an actual trailer. It is easy to forget about the reasons for such high losses (not all of them were a result of Nazi murder), the fanatical, often blind, devotion to the Soviet Union. I do not mean to make it sound in a negative way, but when I recall the facts that Stalingrad and Leningrad were not evacuated, so that the Red Army soldiers would fight for a “living city”, and not a dead one, speaks a bit of how the leaders viewed the populace.

Company of Heroes 2 Announced!

As I looked over the list of different World War 2 themed games that I had I could not make up my mind. I prowled through the internet looking for some note worthy news or games, and then it happened. Company of Heroes 2 was announced, and according to the promises on the main site it is meant to be a better and improved Company of Heroes, yet different.

Company of Heroes 2

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