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007 Legends: Existential Ennui, Shaken AND Stirred

For nigh five decades someone in an immaculate tuxedo has been taking in the grandeur of a world-class casino and, with a tip of his vodka martini to sex on legs, said, “Bond. James Bond.”

The iconically debonair secret agent was crafted by Ian Flemming, a WWII commando, Naval Intelligence Officer, and the closest thing to a double-oh spy to ever be declassified by MI5. In true style, Bond’s formulaic big budget films have kept on coming with swanky clothes, top-shelf booze, hot cars, hotter women, egotistical supervillains, murderous minibosses, and convoluted plots for world domination long after the franchise’s creator was declared KIA.

Longtime gamers will recall Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64, one of the precursors to the modern first-person shooter. With its attempts at three-dimensional modeling, evolving storylines, optional mission objectives, wealth of firearms, co-op play, and the first multiplayer deathmatches available for consoles, it and the Bond franchise as a whole are soft spots for those of us who remember our roots.

Player Two: He made me watch!!!

It’s important to have mementos of various benchmarks. As with games, so with every other aspect of life.