Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP Review

An eccentric art game, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP is a dark fantasy game filled with adventure. Its simple, yet reminiscent 8-bit style of art, abstract puzzles and unconventional storytelling blend with the astounding atmospheric soundtrack of Jim Guthrie to create a uniquely magical experience.

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP

A glance at the mesmerizing in-game graphics.

Sword and Sworcery: The protagonist and her quest

The bleak tale of discovery and exploration follows the anxious adventures of a single warrior of the Scythian group and her courageous pooch Dogfella in their attempt of recovering a supernatural tome and unlocking ancient powers that can thwart evil forces. Their expedition follows a meandering path through shimmering forests, unfathomable temples, and groves whose bushes brim with secrets yet to be uncovered. Exploring these attractive settings and unravelling mysteries is a gripping process in itself, but the unusual way in which the protagonist sees the world in her encounters offers an invigorating way to understand her journey.

The slow and steady approach adopted by the game to tell the story is astonishingly effective at attracting your attention, despite its limited nature. Humorous boxes of text, written in the perspective of a second person are one of the games features. Uncanny observations such as “the well seemed unwell” often mix with amusing commentary like “we bridged the canyon and we felt super smart” in a silly manner that adds a lot of personality to the protagonist’s character and play a part in strengthening your bond with her. Just like most mobile versions of games, Twitter integration allows you to share any quirky comments you may find, thereby lightening the tone of the menacing tale.

Game play

Swordplay and magic take the front-seat when you encounter the puzzles, adding a powerful balance to the game’s more freeform investigative sections. Once the Megatome is acquired early on in your mission, spell ‘mojo’ can be bust out to unravel hidden mysteries and manipulate the environment. The use of magic puts the protagonist in a position where she appears to be kneeling while you turn the cursor into a radiant sphere that is often used to draw attention on hotspots, to drag the elements, and to intermingle with the environment while solving puzzles.

The bizarre nature of challenges make it difficult in understanding what exactly you’re supposed to do, but they are not very hard to solve. Experimenting is a lot of fun, since the game’s creative scope is so impressive. 1 of the 4 chapters is related to the moon. It requires a whole lunar cycle to be completed, as the shifting of elements happens at different time periods to allow your access of certain locations.

The puzzle-like contest of the game also acts as a fine change of speed. Clicking either your shield icon or your sword, blows must be traded and deflected from the monsters or other large enemies that obstruct your path. The game blends art, music, gameplay and storytelling in deeply rhythmical ways that are not seen too often. It’s a simple game, requiring only a few hours to complete all 4 chapters. However, the impact it has on you will is certain to linger for a while.

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