Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse Gameplay

Stubbs the Zombie is an action game, where you play as Stubbs, a man turned zombie who has a huge thirst for revenge (even if he does not remember about it at first). Story aside, Stubbs is an incredibly fun, if old game. Being an Alpha Zombie, you have a number of powers you can use to defeat your opponents. Your minions are mindless (zombies after all), but when it comes down to it, make perfect shields.

There is plenty of dark humour, mixed with “zombie gore” and some very intriguing mini-games and vehicle sections. It lacks a Multiplayer (for the PC version), but the Singleplayer experience is well worth the money (even if a tad short). Let’s not forget about the soundtrack, which has some great classic hits, mixed in with a modern touch.

This video will show you bits and pieces from the beginning of the game, up to the point where my computer gave up on me and almost choked itself to death. It might be lengthy, but if you want to see some live action, well worth it.

Alex “WriterX” Bielski

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