Source Filmmaker enters Open Beta

You watched the TF2 “Meet the” videos and hopes to do something similar? Lacked the tools or the money to buy them? Worry no more. Yesterday an Open Beta version of the Source Filmmaker was released on Steam, for free, giving everybody and anybody an opportunity to create their own Source Movies. Like with any such tool, things might be tough at the beginning. Since it is still in Beta there are bound to be bugs and perhaps not everything will work as a person would wish. The fact remains, a lot of people out there will be free to create their own Source Videos, without having to lose their wallets. Although, I expect that just like with other software of this type, it might take a while to learn the basics or advanced tools, properly.

Source Filmmaker enters Open Beta

I am not a film maker myself, although I enjoyed watching all the different Machinimas using popular characters from TF2, L4D or Half-Life. There are many talented directors out there, using Garry’s Mod and an array of many other tools to create funny and quality movies for us to enjoy. What I hope Source Filmmaker will do is offer both the seasoned director and somebody who is new to the scene an opportunity to create even better movies. The question is what are the limits of the Filmmaker? When I watched all those Valve videos I reach the conlcusion that there are no limits. You only have to find the right tools and know how to use them, or experiment with a combination of different effects.

Already now there are numerous interesting Source Movies created through Filmmaker. Now with the Open Beta going live the number will only increase. At this early stage I am highly impressed and I cannot await what will follow after the full release.

If you want to give Source Filmmaker a go you can download it from Steam, for absolutely free. In case you never had a Steam account you can sign up for one, for free as well. Once you have the Source Filmmaker in your grasp there are numerous sources for Tutorials and instructions for the Filmmaker. Among them is the main Source Filmmaker site, as well as the Developer Community Wiki. I am certain the community has been active as well, so asking around for help with your idea should not be a problem.

Get those films rolling, ladies and gentlemen. At this rate we could make Cinemas and Holywood obsolete!

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