Slender: The Arrival Announced

In case you did not hear, you will hear it from us. The Creator of Slender (yes, the game of which you might had read the review or even played) is working on another installment of the game, Slender: The Arrival. It is once again Slender Man, it is once again a creepy forest. Although there is very little information about the game itself we can expect two things: 1) It will be terrifying, 2) You will have no sleep, at all, and will need regular visits to a psychiatrist. So far we have only two pics to go on but as far as I can tell this is no longer a little child lost in the woods. Armed with a Camera and flashlight we might be looking at somebody mad enough to expose who the Slender Man is.

There is currently a IndieDB and Official Site, both of which do not provide any fresh news or views on what will Slender: The Arrival be like, but if it’s an improved Slender Man… well…

Slender: The Arrival

Who is that? Bob? Stop dressing up as Slender Man! That costume keeps messing with the camera!

Slender: The Arrival Announced

What was the first Slender about? Although there were no set characters (except for Slender Man) and no story to speak of you were most likely a small child going through dark woodland in search of notes. Why you would do that, and not tell anybody that you are doing it is beyond me. The task offered to you by the game was simple, but the Slender Man was the sole antagonist, very effective antagonist at that. He would follow you, teleporting from place to place. You could not look at him or you slowly went insane. The light from your flashlight guided you in the dark woods, but it also attracted his attention.

Combine that with creepy locations, shadows and a fog that made you think he is around every single corner and you have a wonderful case of a Horror Game that does not cease pulling your nerves with its long bony fingers.

If you did not try Slender yet you can download and play it for free from its official site. In case you are not brave enough to face it, watch the reaction videos on Youtube. You are bound to enjoy them.

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