Slender: Source – Because it’s more fun in groups

If you played Slender you would know better than to play it alone, in the dark, with your headphones on. The key element here is alone. Any horror game tends to have a much higher influence on you if you are facing it alone. If you have others to help you or guide you everything seems much less threatening, and with good reason. Co-op survival games have become increasingly more and more popular, and they offer people practice. Left4Dead and DayZ are just two titles where working together pays off far better than operating alone. What about Slender? If you read my previous review for Slender, or played the game, you would realise that it is no walk in the park. The simple task of collecting notes in the dark woods is terrifying, due to the Slender Man. A tall humanoid, with incredibly long arms, wearing a suit and faceless, known to stalk and teleport great distances, when you are not watching. It might be the creation of Internet Users, but it has earned the “Love” of many horror fans. This allowed him to appear in a number of games, and this time we will discuss Slender: Source.

News Update: Slender: Source has been renamed Faceless. The Mod still exists, but under a different name. The link at the end of the article now leads to the new ModDB site.

Slender: Source

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Slender: Source – Because it’s more fun in groups

What makes Slender: Source different to Slender? The Co-op element. Players have to work together to collect strange dolls, littered around the map, while evading the Slender Man. Now, if you had problem with Slender, imagine what you will face in Slender: Source.

Working in groups seems like the logical thing to do in any horror situation. Stick together, solve problems, obtain the prize. In the case of Slender Man, what do you do? He does not exactly walk up to you. If you spot him you are almost certain he also saw you. While you are not looking, or telling your friends you spotted him panic commences! Unlike most monsters the way Slender Man operates makes him a very difficult opponent to face. Most monsters “move” in a predictable way. They might float, walk, shamble or slither over to you. Slender Man? He teleports, and if you gaze at him for too long you will go insane.

The only other Mod that follows a similar scenario of “Unseen Terror” is Hidden: Source. A group of heavily armed men facing a single invisible being with a knife and a few grenades. You might have the bigger guns, but if the Hidden suddenly jumps right in the center of your group and starts stabbing… you can surely imagine what follows. The same rule will seem to apply to Slender Man. You might feel cosy with your friends, and then you see the Slender Man, everybody panics over the VOIP or Skype/Teamspeak, and while everybody flails around, trying to regain some control the Slender Man picks you off one at a time…

There will be no weapons, just like in Slender. The Slender Man will have to “hit you” in order to take you out (which is different to what we had in Slender). I am a bit skeptical of whether the Source Engine will be capable of providing an equally demanding environment to what we had in Slender. These two small differences are not enough to make me cross the game out (it’s not even out yet) and I am curious how will the end product look. Time will tell!

If you want to find out more about Slender: Source check out their ModDB page, with the latest news, images and videos. It is still at its very early development stage, but it is well worth following. It will be a refreshing change to actually be scared in a group, rather than feel “invincible” in one.

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