The Sword and the Pistol: The Shogun 2 Guide to Technological Warfare

You might be thinking, “Where did the old Guide go?”. After countless hours of battling in Avatar Conquest I decided to revise the entire Guide, to include more Hints, Tips and useful knowledge, replacing, through trial and error, my previous conclusions from Shogun 2 with something fresh and much more complex. The aim of this Guide is to look at how you can defeat a Fall of the Samurai Army, in Avatar Conquest, with the use of Core Shogun 2 units (without any DLC or additional Expansion Units). While I am aware this is a difficult task it is by no means impossible. You simple need to consider your options, and then choose the one which is most likely to work. Let’s jump head-first into Shogun 2 Tradition vs Technology Warfare.

Shogun 2

Technology or Tradition?

Shogun 2: What is a Modern Army?

When facing a Fall of the Samurai army you have to take into account the wide selection of troops that such an army may have. First of all, the enemy will have a core choice of basic “Samurai” units, known as Yari and Katana Kachi, Yari Ki and Bow Kachi. These are very similar to your Samurai Yaris, Bows and Katanas, as well as Yari Cavalry, with two major exceptions. They are slightly stronger in certain stats, and they are more numerous, normally. While the costs may be similar on average in a 1 vs 1 situation a Core Shogun 2 Army Katana Samurai unit will not beat a Katana Kachi unit. That is, unless you use Veteran Katana Samurai, capture structures on the battlefield and have Retainers that will increase the stats of your Samurai units.

Unlike your army, a Fall of the Samurai Army will have a smaller choice in beneficial Retainers for their traditional units. That does not mean you can dismiss them. Among the most dangerous units the enemy has access to are the Shogitai. Shogitai might be considered the answer to your No-Dachi Samurai. Both of them are good on the charge, and both are skilled in close combat. However, Shogitai have a better attack and defense, while the No-Dachi have a much higher Charge Bonus.

As such, when playing your Core Shogun 2 Army you might encounter a player using a Fall of the Samurai army with Samurai units. When facing such an army you will have to pay attention to two types of units that pose the greatest threat to you. Yari Ki and Shogitai. A Yari Ki charge from the flank or rear will decimate your force, unless the charge is lead into your Yari units. Shogitai on the other hand pose a substantial threat to any and all units, be it melee or ranged. What should you do then? Shogitai have little to no armor, so your natural response to them should be Bows with Fire Arrows or a mass of Matchlocks. Matchlocks have a long reload time, but if you have Samurai or Monk Matchlocks they will be very accurate, and if they have Veteran levels, a higher reload rate. Yari Ki may be deflected by Yari Cavalry, but in order to ensure a victory you will need as many, or slightly more Yari Cavalry Squads to what your enemy has. Alternatively you can use Yari Samurai to cover your flanks or rear. Even Yari Ashigaru can perform this tank exceedingly well, as long as they are positioned toward the charging Cavalry. A Fall of the Samurai Army may have access to more units, such as Kyoto Police, Shinsegumi Police Force and Ninjas, but these are highly situational units. Kyoto Police are spearmen, and as such only good against Cavalry. Shinsegumi have rifles and decent melee, but other units perform better in either one of those areas. Ninjas? Let us say that I rarely see anybody use them effectively.

While a Fall of the Samurai army has access to these more traditional units it has a much wider choice in “Modern” units. There are two categories of Modern Infantry worth mentioning. The Line Infantry and Elite Infantry. Line Infantry always has the same range, which is shorter than that of any bow unit you may have. They tend to have good accuracy and reload speeds but they lack any armor and their melee will be lacking. Elite Infantry is very similar in these respects to Line Infantry, except that they will have (normally) a higher range, higher rate of fire and accuracy. British, American and French Marines will provide a Morale boost, and while they share the range of Line Infantry (this can be upgraded with Clan Tokens) their melee is just as average against trained Samurai. The major strength of your Samurai units is their melee and armor. While their Armor will not save them from rifle volleys, it will make a difference in close combat.

Real issues begin when faced with certain Cavalry units. Carbine and Revolver Cavalry are both extremely dangerous for your Elite Troops. A unit of Katana Heroes will be eviscerated by a unit of Carbines, riding up to them and delivering a single volley. While you cannot predict how many such units the enemy will have you can safeguard yourself in a number of ways. First of all, keep Yari Cavalry hidden near your main force. Carbine and Revolver Cavalry is extremely good in range, but if your Yari charge home victory will be yours. Your alternatives include massed bow fire and matchlocks, but just as before, Matchlocks have a very short range, so you would have to hide them in woodland and wait for the enemy to ride up to them. Your Spear Infantry will not catch up with these Cavalry types, unless the enemy charges into them when they are hidden. This rarely happens, so your best bet is keeping some of your own Cavalry ready.


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