Cooking with Pierre – Ramen Noodles in Project Zomboid Video

When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk. That does not mean you should start eating unprepared junk food! Follow Pierre’s advice on surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, by cooking delicious meals. In this episode, Ramen Noodles in Project Zomboid.

Ramen Noodles are one of the food types you will find, from time to time. They are most often present in cabinets and desks, making a good “addition” to any loot you find. In their raw form they make very mediocre food, so instead of wasting your throat on dry noodles you could make yourself a warm soup (spices not included). All you have to do is find a bowl (plenty of those about), fill it up with water, put the noodles in (combine them) then heat the bowl. You have your instant Super Noodles, ready to put a smile on your face, and fill up your stomach.

Please note, the recording was done in Project Zomboid v. 0.2.0q. The graphics and variables might be different in future versions.

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2 Responses to Cooking with Pierre – Ramen Noodles in Project Zomboid Video

  1. Alex says:

    I have water bowl and dry noodles in my main inv. Can’t combine.

    • WriterX says:

      First of all, check this Wiki Page, as it describes crafting, more or less. The video “guide” is outdated, since it was to an older version of Project Zomboid. Currently in order to craft something you need to have the items in your main inventory (so not a backpack, etc. your “pockets”) right click them, and then select the crafting option.

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