RAGE – Review

Exploration & Crafting:

If you see the name Bethesda up there, and consider getting this game because surely, after the Elder Scrolls games and so on, this game must have a massive world to explore, don’t. Just don’t. There is literally nowhere to go that is not part of a mission (you can’t even jump over or crouch under things, you have to go around them), though there are a few “Easter Eggs” thrown in here and there, but they come off as little more than a vain attempt to make gamers think the game is not quite so painfully linear. And as for the crafting, this game has it, and there seem to be a great deal of things to craft, but you will never use most of the stuff you can make. You pretty much will only need about five of the various items you can make and, beyond Wingsticks, you won’t be using crafted items very often.
Score: 4/10

Powering up:
You don’t really power up in this game, you get a choice of three suits, and if you got the pre-order copy, you get an overpowered fourth suit that combines the three original suits. And you never get new gear. You do find various guns as the game progresses, though very few of them have a futuristic look or feel to them, sadly.
Score: 1/10

You get various cars, and you can win more through racing. Is there any point to this? Not really. You race to earn points so that you can get better cars, then race to get points so you can upgrade said car(s), because who doesn’t have the time to host races in a world where resources are running out and, as such, are absolutely vital to a towns continued survival. You can then drive around and kill bad guys in their cars and blow up towers for money, but don’t expect it to be fun. You’re in a car that looks dull, driving through a world that looks duller, fighting enemies with AI that makes my kitchen wall look smart.
Score: 1/10

Overall Opinion:
Just… Don’t get this game. Ever. It is so very bad, and has no saving graces. The pacing for the story is terrible, there is zero character development & you won’t care about even your own character much less anybody else, the ending is a colossal disappointment (you don’t even fight the main bad guys until the last mission and the game just abruptly ends with a blatant “wait for the sequel” moment, but the game is so bad you know there won’t be a sequel), and everything about this game just seems to scream avoid. In fact, you’d probably get a more fulfilling gaming experience playing Nice Cats.
Overall Score: 3/10


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  2. Sky says:

    Oh man, I picked up RAGE during on of the Steam sales and when I got to the first town and the NPC immediately turned around and sent me out on a mission I felt like I must’ve missed an entire cutscene or SOMETHING that explained what the hell was going on. I came across your review and I guess I really didn’t miss anything. What a terrible game.

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