Project Zomboid News and Live Trailer

According to recent announcements work on the Project Zomboid Public Test v. 0.2.0r is progressing nicely, and we can just about see it over the horizon. This is not the only news however, since the Project Zomboid blog has been mildly active over the past two weeks. We could read a Blog Post by Phil Cameron on the different Mods the community created for Project Zomboid (such as, RobertJohnson’s and Thuztor’s Farming Mod). We had a posting focusing our gaze on other great Horror Survival titles from the Zombie Genre we could all help support and/or Kickstart. There is more, but I would wish to speak more about Project Zomboid itself. If you want to check out any of the info stated before, check out the official Project Zomboid Blog.

Project Zomboid

Smoother lighting, new items and a “Social Interaction Bar” at the bottom. These are just a few things of the many that are slowly crawling into our Safe Zones!

Project Zomboid News and Live Trailer

What is so important about the 3D models that are to be included in Project Zomboid, in place of the Sprite system? First of all, the Devs (Developers) will be free to add in more models and animations, with different items, with much less trouble. This will also open up news paths for modders, who will no longer be forced to create dozens of customs sprites, instead simply changing a few textures or shapes. The possibilities are vast, to say the least. In case you did not try any of the Public Test Builds let me add that the lighting was reworked entirely. You will have a quality setting, to either have very “clunky” lighting, or smooth. Zombies will no longer shamble like a line of party people. Some of them will run, and so fast in fact that you will not be able to walk past them. Falling off ledges is now possible, thirst was added and many more items were also introduced.

To make matters worse (challenging for others), you will now have to aim at the zombies, instead of just swinging or firing in a direction. This could be challenging at first, especially if you lack a powerful enough weapon. On the other hand, it makes the Zombie Apocalypse that much more realistic. After all, one of the most important elements in any Horror Survival is the problem of limited resources. Now that you have to aim there are no guaranteed quick-kills. On the other hand, we now have an automatic Saves system. Your game will be saved any time you sleep and when you exit PZ.

Lastly, I would wish to speak about the Live Trailer for Project Zomboid. Groarman, from the Project Zomboid Forums, created this video at a very limited budget, and I was mildly impressed by the quality. It had that Zombie Apocalypse feeling, and the first time I watched it I was almost startled (hard to startle a Horror Veteran). Please Note, the Release date in the Trailer is fictive.

That’s all for now. I cannot wait for the official release of the update. Having played the Public Test versions I can honestly say, the current (v. 0.2.0q) Public Test of Project Zomboid, when compared to the current Official version of Project Zomboid, feels like PZ 2. I cannot imagine what will come next!

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