Project Zomboid is going Green(light)!

If you like zombie games then you would love Project Zomboid. Not only does it indeed have zombies, but also evil survivors, hunger/health/thirst system, possible mental depression, cooking but also it’s a giant sandbox with optional Story Campaigns. Although it cannot be a fully realistic Zombie Survival Simulator it is one of the most demanding games that you could face. You gather supplies, stay low, evade zombies, and try to survive in this strange and hostile environment. With its isometric view and pleasant yes not too demanding graphics many can enjoy this game without the need for Super Computers. There was, sadly, a problem with this title, for some. You could only get this game through a number of ways, which required plenty of extra registration online, on different sites.

Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight

In the past there were rumors that project Zomboid would be released on Steam. Back then it was unlikely, but now this dream might most certainly become reality.

Project Zomboid is going Green(light)!

Steam Greenlight is a new creation. It allows Steam users to vote for projects, so that they may be sold or available on Steam. Like I mentioned in a previous article it is very similar to Desura. Many Indie developers will be able to grab the spotlight on Steam and (hopefully) get published! This does not mean that only payed games can appear, there are already many free Mod projects (such as No More Room in Hell) that would welcome the greater promotion.

The Project Zomboid Greenlight page is already up, and it has gathered plenty of support! Before any of you feel disheartened, the “8%” is not in fact a bad score. The way Greenlight will work, for now at least, is that the most lively and popular games are chosen. This means that there is no “10,000 Votes needed to pass”. The game has to keep a large audience, and in the case of Project Zomboid the 8% is mildly impressive. When you explore all the other titles that have been posted most of them are much lower, in terms of support.

This does not mean we can rest easy! If you have a Steam account go to the Project Zomboid Greenlight site and Rate it! Leave a helpful comment, check the pictures, if you want to see Project Zomboid on Steam this is your best chance!

Also, according to the Devs, if you already own Project Zomboid it will be possible for you to get an optional CD-Key for Steam, so the single click will not hurt your finger, and might make a big difference to future Project Zomboid players.

While you are there, search for other titles that you might want to see on Steam. I did, and I voted for my “Outside of Steam” favorites. If this method works many Steam users could find all the games they want in one place.

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