Primal Carnage: The Basics Guide

Be it Dinosaur or Human, there are things that you have to learn about your respective classes, strategies and a few tips and tricks to cope better both in groups and alone. The aim of this Guide is to provide some basic information on Primal Carnage, its classes and all the other tid-bits that you might be interested in. While I will not tell you how to “win” (there is never a formula for that) I hope that you will gain something new from this guide, or if you are new to Primal Carnage some basic, yet crucial, information. Let us begin by jumping into the basic controls. Jump ahead for into on different classes or to the far end for some Hints and Tips.

Primal Carnage

Are you the Hunter or the Prey?

Primal Carnage: The Basic Controls

Primal Carnage has mildly simple controls. You move around with the AWSD buttons, sprint with shift, jump with the space bar crouch with Ctrl. You use your primary attack with the left mouse button and your alternate fire with the right mouse button. You then press Q to use your Dinosaur roar, and E to Eat or Use a Med Kit or Ammo Crate. Your reload by pressing R, but if your weapon ever becomes empty and you try to fire the empty gun again you will reload your weapon. With the Machine gun for the Commando you have to press the right mouse button to reload your grenade launcher when it is empty. You will know when it’s empty because none of the three grenades will be highlighted. The Pathefinder’s Flares are thrown with the Right Mouse Button. Some classes have more than one weapon, namely the Pyro, Scientist and Trapper. You can swap your weapons around by pressing 1 or 2. Sometimes depending on how hard you press the Space Bar certain dinosaurs will jump higher or lower (this is especially the case with the Raptor). Every Human class has a Melee attack that they can use by pressing F. The Pyro has two melee weapons, the chainsaw (when he has fuel via Right Mouse Button) and he may also use his whole contraption to bash dinosaurs, when out of fuel (F Button).

Primal Carnage: Game Modes

There are currently two game modes in Primal Carnage. Deathmatch and Get to the Chopper. Deathmatch is more precisely Team Deathmatch, where Survivors fight against Dinosaurs, and whichever teams gets the needed or the most points wins. Get to the Chopper is an objective game Mode for survivors. As the Humans you have to reach certain areas and wait in a zone denoted by visible markers. Once the zone is “Captured” that objective is complete. Some Objectives progress your Spawn Zone, while others are only objectives that have to be completed. When a Zone captured by humans is cleared (by dinosaurs) before it can be fully captured the capture bar will empty after a few seconds, unless a human enters the capture zone again.

Primal Carnage: The Classes

Primal Carnage

Ready to die? (From Left to Right: Commando, Pyro, Pathfinder, Scientist and Trapper)


The Humans are all equally squishy. Some might appear to be less or more squishy but in the end they are all equally squishy, be it when trampled by a T-Rex, or shredded to bits by a Raptor. Each class differs in its weapons and abilities, and while you may all be easy prey to organised dinosaurs knowing what is at your disposal is crucial for survival.


The Commando carries a heavy machine gun with a grenade launcher. His melee attack is a simple strike with his very own rifle butt. The Commando’s weapon has a number of strengths and weaknesses. The primary strengths are a fast rate of fire and the grenades themselves. A direct hit from a grenade will kill all smaller dinosaurs and severely wound anything bigger. It takes a lot of practice to hit a fast moving dinosaur, but an organised group of three Commandos can take out any threat with the mix of their machine guns and grenades. The MAJOR flaw of the Commando is his lack of accuracy. His Machine gun, while rapid firing, has an incredible spread. As such, if you want to snipe down a retreating Dino this might be impossible. On the other hand, the large spread may just be useful when firing at a big dinosaur group, or when trying to stop a Raptor Pounce or Pteranodon snatch. However, just like in the case of the Pathfinder shotgun, you will do far more damage up close, because more bullets will hit the target. The further away the enemy, the harder things become. (The Following seems to happen at random, during a recent gameplay none of the gameplay unloaded on their own, it might be an occasional bug) Take note, when you resupply at an Ammo Crate any Loaded Grenades become Unloaded. So after getting a fresh batch of ammo reload your grenade launcher.


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