Primal Carnage available for Pre-Purchase on Steam

There are not that many games with dinosaurs about. The only such games that come to my mind are Jurassic Park spin-offs, including some “Theme Park” builders. There were also a few FPSs, but the choice is not as impressive when compared to “Modern Combat” or “World War 2″ games. Holding this in mind, did you ever want to play a game where Mercs fight against Dinosaurs, and where both sides are controlled by players? Where you could be a hunter, skulking in the jungle to pick off the bigger lizards, or a T-Rex that is currently making himself a man-wich? I already wrote about Primal Carnage, in a general information Article and an article focusing on a new Trailer that was released. This time around I would wish to inform all of you that Primal Carnage will be available on Steam for Pre-Purchase.

Primal Carnage

“Dude! Not cool!”

Primal Carnage available for Pre-Purchase on Steam

Each side of the conflict (Dinosaurs and Mercs) have five classes each. Each one with its own strengths and weaknesses. The game is primarily focused around Team-Deathmatch, but the promise of DLC content could mean that this will be further expanded. Will teamwork be necessary in order to prevail in Primal Carnage? It is clearly that case that both sides will have to work together. Going Solo against a T-Rex might seem badass on the Silver Screen but in-game you will most likely end up as paste under its foot or as lunch. The same goes for the other dinosaurs/mercs. The Pyro with his chainsaw/flamethrower will be capable of keeping back smaller lizards, that would otherwise mob the Mercs, or weaken bigger foes (his limited range could be an issue however). You can check out the Primal Carnage Website for more details about each class, and watch some videos of how the dinosaurs and Mercs operate.

What else will you get with the Pre-Purchase? A unique Raptor Skin, with some wonderful plumage. Those wings do look a bit silly, but at least you could try and pretend to be the dead parrot from Monty Python, only to spring back up and eat your foes!

Check out the Primal Carnage Steam page for details on  pre-purchasing the game, or check the game’s main site to find out more about the game itself. You will also be able to find the game on other sites, such as Gamersgate, GameStop and Amazon, so in case you lack a Steam account you can find it on these other services!

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