Primal Carnage: Man vs Dinosaur

Ever wanted to be part of Jurassic Park, after the Dinosaurs are loose? Ever wanted to run around hunting for a T-Rex, or flee from Velociraptors? Perhaps you wanted to be the dinosaurs and munch on some fast-food? Primal Carnage (by Luke Warm Media) offers just that. Play as either Humans or Dinosaurs in intense player versus player matches on climatic jungle maps. If you hold doubts whether this game will impress watch the video below. Your jaw will be somewhere on the floor, grab it before some lizard takes it.

Update: We have an extensive guide to Primal Carnage. Check it out if you need some help!

What is Primal Carnage?

So, what is Primal Carnage about, other than climatic Dinosaur vs “Humanity” fights? A bunch of scientists make a mistake, like they always do, and release all their experiments (dinosaurs) out onto an island. The Mercenaries are sent in to contain the situation, before things go even more out of hand. Based on the current description it will be primarily the task of the Mercenaries to complete objectives, while the Dinosaurs act as the defenders.

Aside from their respective size differences, the Mercs and Dinosaurs are played in different ways. The Mercs play from a First Person Perspective, while the Dinosaurs have the advantage of the Third Person Perspective. The Mercs have guns, the Dinosaurs have claws. You might think the Mercs have an advantage but since everything will occur in jungle maps are you *certain* you will spot the Raptor before it eats your face off?

The Mercs focus on teamwork, since they have the clear disadvantage of size. In that respect it sounds a lot like Left 4 Dead, where the lone wolf will get mauled by a Hunter/Smoker/Boomer/Jokey/any other special infected. You have to stick together and work together, watch each other’s backs and helping each other to complete your objectives. The dinosaurs have the benefit of improved vision, but they have to rely on surprise attacks. While the raptors jump in the Pteranodon swoops in and grabs one of the survivors, only to drop him from high in the air. Even if the Mercs survive that, the T-Rex then trods over making them flee in panic.

Primal Carnage

Bob simply loves to hog the spotlight.

Both sides need teamwork, since none of the classes is powerful enough to take on the Mercs/Dinosaurs alone. Each side has their own selection of different classes. The Mercs have a nice mix of specialists who could do wonders while working together. For example, the Trapper could catch a Raptor in a net and the Pyro hops in to start his own Dino-BBQ business. Meanwhile the Dinosaurs have their own selection of useful lizards. The T-Rex is the tank, which means all the fire will be focused on him. Who will notice the Raptor or Compsognathus lurking nearby?

While the game is being developed the forums reveal more and more information about the game and different classes. If you are hungry for details I advise you to check there. Do not hesitate to check the main site either, since there might be a Beta Sign-up some time in the near future. While others will brag about killing zombies, or fighting dragons, you will go knife-fight a T-Rex.

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