Primal Carnage – “Pyro” and “Headbutt Dino” Video

We have some new footage from Primal Carnage. This time we get a glimpse at two different classes/characters, one for the Mercs and one for the Dinos. First we will have an opportunity to see the Pyromaniac, who uses grenades and an awesome Flamethrower-Chainsaw. How come nobody ever thought of combining the Chainsaw with a Flamethrower? I can see such a weapon both in Fallout and Team Fortress (for the Pyro), yet nobody thought it up before! The second character/class is what I call the “Headbutt Dino” (Carnotaurus). I call it the Headbutt Dino for one simple reason. It headbutts everything. In the video you will see it headbutt its way through Mercs with incredible ease.  Its first proper appearance in the video made me laugh, because it rammed into a tightly packed group of survivors, making them fly off in different directions, as if it was a bowling track.

Primal Carnage – “Pyro” and “Headbutt Dino”

The Pyromaniac appears to be the close support and “aggro control” class. The flamethrower scares away Dinos, and even against the big ones it can do some serious damage. Remembering that there are meant to be many small and medium-sized Dinos the flamethrower should offer an efficient method of keeping them at bay. Meanwhile the chainsaw could be used for chopping away at those Dinos which still somehow manage to get through. Notice that both the Chainsaw and Flamethrower use up fuel. You are faced with a trade-off. Either you spam flame, or chainsaw… if all else fails, chuck a grenade. Especially if there is a hungry T-Rex chasing you.

Headbutt Dino (Carnotaurus) appears to be an efficient way of forcing survivors to lose any organization they might had had. The T-Rex is too massive, the Pterodactyl will be easily spotted, and the little ones (Compsognathus) will be burnt by the Pyro. The Headbutt Dino charges into survivors, and knocks them all about the place. In essence you set the stage for the other Dinos to come in and pick off those survivors who are too dazed to realize what just happened.

This creates an interesting contrast between the two classes. The pyro aims at halting large groups of Dinos, as well as keeping them at bay, giving others time to regroup, while the Headbutt Dino aims at breaking that coherency.

If you want to find out more about Primal Carnage check out the Official Site. There you will also have an opportunity to sign up for the Beta, once it goes live. Check back on a regular basis or wait for the word from us. Also, if you see a T-Rex munching on some survivors, that might be me (and you will be delicious).

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