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I took a moment today to ask myself a simple question, “What defines a “Survivor”?”. When does a game remain in the spotlight while others disappear into nothingness? One of the most obvious answers we could provide is the quality of the game and I agree. A game that is done poorly, has poor gameplay, story, etc. will not survive. People will play it that once or twice and after some time nobody will want to talk about it or play it. During some game Sales it will be found on a shelf for a very low price, or it will cease to exist entirely, and be considered a “failure”. Quality of the game is important. A good game is memorable, people want to return for it for different reasons. If the game does not have a good story then you might enjoy it for the gameplay (that’s what GTA feels like to me). On the other hand you might like the Story/Plot but the gameplay is lacking (for me that was Impire). There is another things that makes a game great, the players themselves. A lot of games survive for much longer than anybody could ever imagine because of the players who stand behind them.

Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop is one example where multiple developers let people go wild and share their creation, for many different video games.


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