PlanetSide 2: Tales of an Infiltrator

While I heard of PlanetSide 2 before I was never sufficiently tempted to play it. Recently that temptation appeared and I sat down to download the client and register my “Station” with Sony. I watched different Videos, read comments but I was by no stretch informed on what the game is about. Or should I say, “How do I win in this?”. When I started the game I had a choice between three factions. My head told me, “It’s the same thing, they just look differently and some have cooler music.”. I looked at my limited choices and went for the one that did not seem that popular with the Streamers I have been watching, the Vanu Sovereignty. These purple chaps had a thing going for them, in regards to technology. Although the Terrans were very tempting with their “Dakka Dakka” guns I went for the “Scientists”.

Planetside 2

Slick, but how does he see anything?

What the game then does is highly confusing, as it straight away throws you into the heat of battle, after giving you a gentle pat on the back and saying, “Don’t fail us.”. So, without having any idea how to choose my class, or what was I doing and where I ended up fighting Terrans in some facility. I believe I survived less than a minute as a Light Trooper, because I could not figure out how my Jetpack worked. When I finally did, and I helped my team secure the local objective I decided to experiment. I took a longer look at my classes and for some reason my mind was stuck on the Infiltrator. Sniper Rifle and Stealth Suit, almost like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. all over again. Sadly, just like in the case of the Light Trooper, my mind could not comprehend immediately how I should play as the Infiltrator. My first lessons came in the use of my Stealth, then my Sniper Rifle. Eventually I realised just what the hell we are supposed to do when attacking a location. It all was coming together slowly.

I realised the strengths and weaknesses of the Infiltrator. He is deadly against enemy infantry, capable of sneaking almost anywhere and reporting enemy positions, through voice commands or VOIP, as well as sabotage enemy locations by capping control points, destroying generators and hacking into enemy turrets and taking control over them. Greatest weakness? Anything with wheels or wings. The Infiltrator has almost nothing to counter a tank, and even the tough Heavy Infantry will take a bit of work (I am relating to the Mini-Mechs). Still, learning all of that took me a long, painful while. Many deaths, including some truly shameful close-encounter failures (another relative weakness of the Infiltrator). Then things somehow changed. I helped a few people try and defend an outpost but having failed all of our team mates died, except for myself. “Screw it, I am not going away from here until they get me.”, I thought to myself. So I ran to the outskirts of the outpost and began an almost Epic fight between myself and the now defending garrison, including one tank. They kept trying to find me, being tied down to the small location by a single Infiltrator, while I kept chipping away at their shields, and forcing them to stay and protect their location.

After some time help finally arrived and while the rest of the team was attempting a cap I was providing Overwatch, yet again with surprising results. I took out Infiltrators who kept exposing themselves, Infantry, Heavy Infantry, and more. We recaptured the outpost, and although the credit surely goes to those who eventually came to help and capped the location I claim the small credit for keeping the enemy tied down, all on my own.

After that short episode things only got better, as I drove on my buggy from encounter to encounter to provide aid in whatever way I could. Things finally turned out well for little poor me, and I fell in love with the Infiltrator class.

All these romantics aside, let’s talk a bit about the game itself. My laptop (yes, I play on a laptop) is incredibly weak, so PlanetSide 2 had to be run on Low Settings. Despite this the game was still gorgeous. One of the most memorable moments was when I drove over a frozen lake on my buggy and silhouetted against the bright winter sun was a series of towers, my objective, with friendly aircraft flying in the same direction. It was one of those moments that you would expect to see in a movie or perhaps even a painting. I am aware that there are three different continents (let’s call them, giant maps) to play on, each one in a different Biome (Winter, Desert and “Green”) but having played only on the Winter Continent I cannot say whether the experience is equally awe inspiring on the other ones.

The sounds are good, and I was especially surprised by how well the VOIP worked. I could tell where people were talking from, how close or far away they were. Sometimes when enemy troops shouted out commands I knew exactly where they were, and prepared an ambush. I tried a bit of flying aircraft, but it was not an easy or simple task. The controls are not complicated, as I managed to do mildly well against a Terran Fleet with a dropship (at least, I think it was a dropship), but it was not for me. Here is the problem though. In order to learn how the game works you have to do a lot of the work on your own. There are Tutorials on the PlanetSide 2 website but I was not aware of them until I started playing, by which stage I learned a lot about the game on my own.

How is the gameplay? As far I could tell, the sides are balanced. The battlefields are varied, and vehicles will not always have a decisive voice. For example, during an attack on a Bio Lab the tanks managed to get us right under the Bio Lab, but in order to take over the location Infantry had to be teleported up, into what I called a giant mechanical spider. Up there it was down to the infantry to win or lose the battle. As such, it will not always be an epic-scaled battle, against thirty different opponents. Sometimes it might be a small skirmish against a handful of enemies.


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