PlanetSide 2 Guide to Taking Over Facilities

PlanetSide 2 is a huge MMOFPS. You play as a soldier for one of the three Factions in the game and your task is simple, conquer. You can try being a single soldiers, and help out wherever you are needed. You can join a Platoon or Outfit to better coordinate attacks and defenses at different regions. You could be a Pilot, Tanker, Scout, Frontline Soldier, Medic, Mechanic, Sniper or anything else for that matter. Each class typically has multiple things you can do with it and as such numerous ways how you can help your team. This Guide however focuses on the essential part of your “work” in PlanetSide 2, taking over locations. The basic premise is simple. Take over “flags” and hold them until you “Cap” the entire location. That is your very basic idea on what you have to do. If you desire to learn more, read on.

PlanetSide 2

Will your attack be just as spectacular and calm?

There are different types of locations. For the sake of this Guide we will have two broad categories. Outposts and Big Structures. Outposts are littered throughout the map. They will typically have only a single “Flag” and a number of Infantry Terminals as well as possible Air, Tank or Vehicle Terminals (usually Vehicle Terminals). Big Structures will typically have multiple Flags, but this is not always a rule. Tech Plants for example will have only a single Flag, but in order to get inside you will either have to drop in from above, or destroy the local generators to take out the Shields on the ground level. Let us get into the details.

PlanetSide 2: Outposts

Outposts are by far the most common type of locations you will be met with. Most of them are what I would call “Small Outposts”, because of their lack of Air or Armor Terminals. While they will have (typically) between one and four Infantry terminals there will also be a Vehicle Terminal. The single Flag you have to take over will either be in the open or inside one of the buildings. There will also be a single Spawn Area. These Spawn Areas come in two types. Either a “Structure” Spawn, where the enemy will have only two ground floor exits, or a “First Floor” Spawn where they will have a choice of either hopping out through the roof or drop down to the ground floor. If you are unfamiliar with a location one of the most tell-tale signs that there is a First Floor Spawn are four Infantry Terminals next to each other on the map. If you approach them and there is no shielding on the ground floor doors then the enemy spawn is on the first floor. This makes it much harder to “block in” the enemy if you want to Cap the location in relative peace. If you are the defender you have options of evading detection to still attack the enemy.

PlanetSide 2

A heavily manned enemy gate/outpost. Despite our best efforts we could not punch through, and this was just an entry-point to the base itself!

Sometimes Outposts will have turrets, either Phalanx or AA Guns. All the Terminals and Turrets may be hacked by friendly/enemy Infiltrators, thus giving one side an edge when you have to either change your Soldier’s Kit, or spawn a Tank or Sunderer, or perhaps manning the turrets to fire at the enemy from their own base. Once a Terminal or Turret is Hacked it may be destroyed and rebuilt (to get rid of the “Hack”) or Hacked again by another Infiltrator. If the location is taken over all the Hacked Terminals will become fully available to the new owner.

Sometimes Outposts will be part of a Bigger Structure, for example Bio Labs. In such cases these Outposts might have Jump Pads as well as Teleporters. Both are used to get inside the tall structure, either inside a relatively safe “Teleportation Room” or you hop onto the Plane Spawning platform. Teleporters are two-way, so you can travel through them freely, while Jump Pads are usually placed in pairs, so you can hop in both directions. Outposts that are part of a bigger structure are capped differently to ordinary Outposts that represent regions. These Outposts take much longer to Cap, but they do not have an “Influence” meter, ergo you do not have to wait to capture the outpost fully after you cap the point. Once you take over the Flag you can use all of its terminals and spawn there. A typical Assault begins by capping one of these Outposts, so that your team or the enemy have somewhere to spawn from, in case they lack a Sunderer.


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