Pixel Piracy – Beginner’s Guide

Pixel Piracy – How to become rich?

Before we answer the question of leveling up let us talk quickly about making money. There are two good ways of earning money, exploring islands and looting ships.


Islands will have a random selection of hostile and neutral creatures. Some of them will be more dangerous than others, especially the further away you sail from the starting town.

Dogs are the simplest opponents you will face. They are hostile but usually do not do much damage and do not have much health. They can drop fangs which give experience.

Pirates and Tribals vary. They can be very easy (when they have less than 20 health) or very dangerous (above fifty health). You could meet very tough tribals and pirates very early into the game so be careful! As such, do not engage tribals unless you outnumber them or you know your crew is that much better trained and equipped than them.

Skeletons are usually tough. They have good damage, even if they do not have much health, but they can drop bone blades which are excellent weapons.

Wild boars are dangerous, so do not engage them too early into the game, unless you have quality weapons, experience and a sizable health pool.

Other creatures, such as Crabs, Hobos, Cats, Turtles, Parrots and Chickens should pose no threat to you, and they will only attack if you attack first. There is usually no reason to attack them, unless you are desperate for supplies or money.

Oysters can drops pearls and shells. Oysters do not fight back, so farming them is not a bad idea. Crates are also classified as creatures but they won’t fight back either. However, because they are creatures you could accidentally push them back with your attacks, which in turn means you could throw them into the water, by mistake.

On each island you should find a Chest. Chests are opened by approaching them with your captain and then pressing the orange interaction button. Chests can have a lot of gold and other items so when possible loot them! Take note, chests are not highlighted, so they could hide behind crates or under gibs (body parts).

Another thing islands will always have are “markers”. These may be coconut or banana trees, tribal statues or fireplaces, among others. When used they could bring about a positive event, drop something or do something “evil”. As a rule do NOT touch tribal statues, for me they always spawned high level tribals. In order to activate a “marker” walk up to it and use the orange interaction button (just like with chests).


Ships will have a crew that when killed could have a bit of loot. Ships may also have chests, like islands, and crates. When you kill off the crew and loot everything you can still plunder a ship. Order your whole crew to return to your ship and then press the Plunder button. This will make the enemy ship explode and you will obtain a fraction of everything that the ship was made of (walls, cannons, decorations, food, etc.). If you plunder a ship before you loot all the chests they will be lost forever! You will also get a bit of gold from a successful plunder but other times the items you find, like cannons, could be worth a pretty penny at a shop, unless you want to use them yourself.

There are currently no other stable ways of making an income. You can either island hop or plunder ships. Both can be very dangerous, but islands will not have cannons, unlike level 4 and higher pirate ships, so it may be much safer to plunder islands than ships, until you build yourself a true fortress, manned by only the fiercest pirates! Lastly, if you engage a Pirate Ship you will not be able to flee. In turn, if you sail to an island you could always ignore it and sail to the next one over.

How to earn even more?

Some skills can allow you to earn even more coin. There are two skills you can obtain very early into the game that will allow you to earn more coin both from plundering ships and chests. The Looter’s Bandana also increases the amount of gold you get from killing pirates so before attacking a Pirate ship you could equip your whole crew with these items, so that you get as much money from Pirate bodies as possible.

Pixel Piracy – Stats and Leveling

Your have five basic stats.

Strength – The higher it is the more bonus melee damage you do.

Vitality – Increases health regeneration and the amount of health you obtain on level up.

Intelligence – The higher it is the more TP you obtain on level-up.

Dexterity – The higher it is the more bonus ranged damage you do.

Agility – Appears to influence running speed and attack speed.

Luck – Higher critical hit chance.

Each pirate starts with random values for all of these. When hiring a pirate you can guess which stats will be his dominant ones, based on his past profession. A Mage, for example, will have very high intelligence, but nothing else.

The above stats increase when a character levels up. Upon each level up a few points are randomly distributed to the above stats, and a pirate will gain an additional health point. You also get TP. TP can be spent to increase the above stats or to lean new skills. More advanced skills cost more TP, so sometimes you might have to wait a few levels before you learn a new skill, especially if your pirate has low intelligence.

Some items increase the above stats upon use. Brown Beard will increase vitality by 3 points each time the pirate wearing it levels up.

Even without the additional TP spent and items used a pirate can become drastically better over the course of twenty levels. Getting there may be a chore, so how do you get levels quickly?

Most of your experience will be earned through sailing. With the Fast Learner skill your pirate will earn even more experience while sailing. Experience may also be earned from combat and performing different tasks, such as cleaning. If you want to level up your crew the best way to do so is to travel a lot. This might still be time consuming but it is much safer than fighting countless pirates, tribals and wildlife. You may also find items that give xp (wild boar tusks, feathers, wolf teeth) or level up your pirate insantly (whiskey and red wine). Pirates gain levels quickly at first, using Whiskey and Red Wine only becomes practical when leveling up your pirates becomes demanding (for me that stage was level 30).


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    Thank you very much for the helpful guide, I really appreciate you writing it up. :D

    • WriterX says:

      Not a problem! When I first started playing Pixel Piracy I had many problems with easing into the game, and I could not find a guide with a lot of the basic information (the lack of tutorial does not help). Glad that people find this one useful!

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    Great guide, and well written, this was exactly what I was looking for!

  3. Wayebrynn says:

    I found that if you get fishing and cooking early on, any food issues fly overboard, and any extra fish you can sell for a little extra cash. one question though, do you know anything about the spiders? I saw people talking about them spawning on your ship if it’s dark enough. I got spider webs appearing but never had anything spawn.

  4. Xgpmcnp says:

    When Morale reaches 0,your crew will betray you and attack your own crew members,which ends up in a giant blood bath when several peoples betray you.Also,if you plan on editting your guyde more,I’d recommend you to talk about the other classes of ship you encounter after,to be said Neutral,Order,Empire,Dynasty and such.

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