Pixel Piracy – Beginner’s Guide

So, you just bought Pixel Piracy and do not know how to accomplish anything? Need a few tips, hints or general advice? Worry not! Here I will aim at providing as much help as possible to anybody who is just starting their pirate career! I had problems myself, especially with some of the game’s functions, such as opening chests or looting ships, but now that all of that is cleared out of the way I can help you, or at least set you on the right course!

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Pixel Piracy

Sudden explosions, fires, starvation and more! Ain’t it grand to be a pirate?

Pixel Piracy – The Controls

The Controls in Pixel Piracy are very simple. You have three action buttons (1, 2, and 3) and you scroll the map left and right using either the left and right arrows or A and D. Your Spacebar is used to interact with items, theoretically. In practice it only works when opening stores when at a town, and to open the overall Menu, to check on your crew, ship and other information.

At the bottom of the screen you have five buttons. The first, Crew Move button is the same as your Action 2 button (default is right mouse button). You orders your crew to move to a specific spot. The crew might ignore your order if their morale is low, or if they are fighting.

Your second button is the attack button. This may be used instead of the right mouse button to target a specific enemy, for your crew to attack, but it is also the only way to engage neutral ships, by click and dragging the button onto a friendly or neutral NPC. You can even use this to engage your own crew.

The third is the interaction button. This allows you to interact with many items you would not be able to interact with otherwise. The two main examples here are treasure chests and special items (coconut trees, tribal totems, etc.)

Then we have the two Ship buttons. Pillage makes the enemy ship explode and you collect a fraction of all the blocks their ship was made of. This means that if the enemy ship had three or four piles of fish on the deck you would not get all of them, only one or two. Capture makes you take over the enemy ship, but you abandon your old ship. This is useful when your ship can finally suffer damage (level 4 encounters and harder) or when you see a much nicer ship than your own. Remember to take any useful items off your ship before you capture your new ship or you will lose them.

Pixel Piracy – Welcome!

Your game will always start by you selecting a number of options. The key choice for this guide is picking one of your three final options, whether you will have the Phoenix blade, additional crew member or +15 TP. All three options have their own strengths, but I would select either the weapon or the crew member. You can quickly earn all the TP you need through leveling up, and having those additional 15 points might not make much of a difference at first anyway. The phoenix blade will let you battle many early dangers of the game more easily, while the additional crew member, especially when properly equipped and leveled, can make a world of a difference during larger fights.

You very first step should be to build your ship. Initially there is no bad way of building your ship, but remember about one thing, if there is no guard railing, in the form of a hull block, then during combat your pirates or loot could fall out. Your first boat will be a simple “flatbed”, with a bit of food, decoration and hull. What next? Exploration! First of all, check the island you start on. If there are any Oysters try killing them for oyster shells and pearls. These two goods are worth a bit of coin which could allow you to purchase better weapons, hire more crew, or buy more skill books.

Once the starting island is empty start exploring local islands. Do not attempt to attack other ships until you level up your weapons and train you crew. After reaching level 10 with one or two crew members you are well on your way to start plundering the high seas!


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  1. Jay Johnson says:

    Thank you very much for the helpful guide, I really appreciate you writing it up. :D

    • WriterX says:

      Not a problem! When I first started playing Pixel Piracy I had many problems with easing into the game, and I could not find a guide with a lot of the basic information (the lack of tutorial does not help). Glad that people find this one useful!

  2. allan says:

    Great guide, and well written, this was exactly what I was looking for!

  3. Wayebrynn says:

    I found that if you get fishing and cooking early on, any food issues fly overboard, and any extra fish you can sell for a little extra cash. one question though, do you know anything about the spiders? I saw people talking about them spawning on your ship if it’s dark enough. I got spider webs appearing but never had anything spawn.

  4. Xgpmcnp says:

    When Morale reaches 0,your crew will betray you and attack your own crew members,which ends up in a giant blood bath when several peoples betray you.Also,if you plan on editting your guyde more,I’d recommend you to talk about the other classes of ship you encounter after,to be said Neutral,Order,Empire,Dynasty and such.

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