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In case you never heard of it before, Payday (and Payday 2) is a game about four criminals performing a number of different Heists. The aim? Money. Everything does not always go according to plan, sometimes a few heads have to roll but from the point of view of the player it’s action packed and FUN! I was a fan of the first Payday. While each level could be similar small things could change each time. The position of the objectives, when and what cops show up. Sometimes you had some influence over how a missions would proceed. You could take the silent approach, or guns blazing. The game was surprisingly good, and with its leveling system you could design the equipment setup that most suited you.

Payday 2

… I just love those masks.

The game could be easy or challenging, depending on how adventurous you were. You could unlock new masks, to look the part, improve your guns. Let us put it plainly, it was replayable and highly enjoyable, especially if you played it with people you knew.

Payday 2 is meant to come out this August. It appears to be more complex but by the looks of early gameplay videos it will be just as fun (if not more). It’s the same idea. Four people, and a target (a lot of cash, normally). There appears to be many more stats taken into account, more weapons and customization. In other words, it’s Payday 1 + an awful lot more.

While we wait for Payday 2 to be released a Web Series was also published, and it’s new parts are released periodically on YouTube. While so far there are only two Episodes I plan on keeping a list here of all the Episodes, for your enjoyment.

In case you did not play the previous Payday, there are five main characters. Bain, the brain behind all the operations. Hoxton, Chains, Dallas and Wolf. Each of the characters has a different back-story, and it seems that in the Web Series their looks have been slightly changed (although their “features” remain similar). It might remind one of HEAT, and rightfully so. Payday often plays like an “All Out” war. As such, it’s not a simulation, only a very cool and fast paced action game.

Now that we are done with the introductions, let’s jump to the Series. While not all of the episodes are out yet I will keep updating this list until all of them are included. Enjoy, and have fun!

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