Payday 2: The Beginner’s Guide

Payday 2

There are many different types of armor. Which one you choose should depend on your role and the heist itself.


Each Class has at least one piece of unique equipment that can be improved through your skills. The Enforcer has the ammo bag and saw, although the saw counts as a primary weapon instead of equipment. The Technician has C4 and Turrets. The Ghost has the ECM. The Mastermind has Medical Bags.

The Enforcer’s Ammo Bag is much sough after, especially on higher difficulty heists where ammo will quickly become scarce. Your skills will allow you to increase the capacity of your ammo bag as well as carry two of them. The saw is useful when completing certain objectives, although a lot depends on the heist. Some heists need the saw to speed things up greatly. One such example is the Bank Heist: Deposit Boxes where the default method of opening the deposit boxes (lockpicking) takes an awful lot of time. The saw will be far quicker, even if it will break eventually.

Payday 2

A simple safe, yet three ways to crack it open. The drill is your default method, that is something any member of your team can use. A technician, once he is able, could use C4, which is much quicker but loud. A Ghost could use a lockpick, but this will take a while (it will still be faster than the drill). Different objectives may be approached in a similar fashion. Such as ATMs or Bars, that can be opened with a saw, or doors that may be hacked open with an ECM.

The Technician’s C4 at first is used as a booby trap against law enforcers. The usefulness of the C4 in its basic form is debatable, because it can be triggered by civilians and until it is upgraded it will usually kill a single enemy at a time. Later on, when you increase its explosion radius, you will be able to halt enemy movement far more effectively. The C4 becomes an almost priceless addition to your crew when you unlock a skill to use it on safes. Small safes need only a single C4 charge, larger safes need four. Most doors also need only a single C4 which makes life incredibly easy during some heists (remember that certain doors can be blasted open with guns, to save the C4 for later). The turret is also a useful piece of equipment. It might not be the best against heavier or special cops (such as the shield) but it has other uses. For example, special cops tend to focus on the turret. You can drag attention away from your crew by deploying a turret within eye sight of a bulldozer, giving your team enough time to take out the foe. In tight spaces that are bound to be smoke filled (such as the first floor on Rats) the turret can tell you where an enemy is coming from, even if you do not see him, because it will fire in his general direction. The turret has many upgrades and you can end up with two very useful additional “team mates” if you choose to specialize in them first.

The Ghost’s ECM is a device used for a number of things. In its default form it can disable some electronic devices in the area, such as pagers and mobile phones. If you are about to take a lot of civilian hostages using an ECM can make your life much simpler, since they will be unable to call anybody for help. They can also take out alarms and cameras, but remember that you do not have much time, so act as soon as the ECM is in place. I have yet to verify this but it seems that guards will become suspicious when an ECM is active (due to Pagers malfunctioning). An upgraded ECM can be used to stun enemies but it may also be used as a silent method of hacking open doors locked with cards, when you buy the correct skills.

The Mastermind’s Medical Bag is just as useful as the Ammo Bag. Usually having both during a heist allows for much easier survival, although a Medical Bag is usually needed when a crew clearly keeps getting downed. While a Medical Bag can let a crew member regain health it’s more important use is that it can restart the down-counter before a player automatically goes into custody. In other words, if you get downed enough times the next time you get downed you will go into custody (this is hinted by much greyer vision). Using the Medical Bag restarts how many times you were downed to zero.

Payday 2: Enemies

In Payday 2 you have more enemies to watch out for. Some of them are very similar to one another, while the rest get steadily harder.

Police Officers, Security Guards and FBI agents are very similar when it comes to weapons, armor and health. Each of them comes in an armor-less and armored type but they will lack any head protection. Even shooting their armored chests with especially powerful weapons could kill them instantly. These are the first enemies you will tend to encounter at the start of any heist. To experienced heisters they should pose absolutely no problem at all, but be careful if you run into a mob of them. Another thing to remember about Security Guards and Police Officers is that if you put on your mask right in front of them there is a decent chance that they will automatically cuff you. Try to put on your mask a short distance away, then fire at them with a silenced pistol or melee them.


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