Payday 2: The Beginner’s Guide

Payday 2: Guns and Equipment

Main and Sidearm

Let us talk about your equipment. Payday 2 has a wide variety of weapons to offer you. You have a main weapon and sidearm slot. In total you can have eighteen different weapons in your armory. What weapons to choose? That is up to you to decide. Of course, you should take weapons you feel confident with and which might better fit your skills. For example, the Mastermind class has different skills benefiting pistols, so you might prefer to take a Crosskill over an MP-5.

Each weapon has different statistics. You might notice that certain weapons have higher level variants that are in some way better. This is especially the case when you compare the Car-4 with your Amcar. Your starting rifle quickly becomes obsolete, as will your pistol. Since you can add all manner of mods to any of your weapons there is rarely any reason to keep your starting weapons in the armory once you buy brand new guns.

Among the weapons you have the following stats: Damage, Mobility, Accuracy, Visibility, Recoil and Noise.

Payday 2

My small armory. Each gun is slightly different, some are more powerful than others. Having a wide choice of firearms allows you to prepare for a heist in a number of possible styles. Once you save up enough cash you might choose to fill up your armory with different guns, and as you play along gather the necessary mods for them.

Damage is self explanatory, the higher the damage the better the quicker you can dispatch enemies. Some skills increase your damage with specific weapons.

Mobility is the weapon’s weight. Low Mobility means that a weapon will slow you down. If you have two low Mobility weapons and heavy armor you will find yourself walking and sprinting far slower than before. You will also drain your stamina quicker. On some missions higher mobility will be sought more than damage or protection.

Accuracy is also self explanatory. Usually higher damage weapons have lower accuracy, but the M308 and magnum can be both highly accurate and devastating.

Visibility is also influenced by your armor. You can have low, medium or high visibility. If you have high visibility guards will detect you far quicker. In some cases you may find yourself automatically detected when you bump into a guard with full armor and heavier weapons. Civilians appear to react far quicker to you, once you put on your mask and your visibility is high. Low visibility normally benefits stealthy heists, since you will be able to move much more freely and not fear quick detection.

Recoil is, in other words, how much your gun will go off target if you continue to fire rapidly. Certain weapons have higher recoil than others. The M308, for example, has extremely high recoil, but since it is used as a semi-automatic sniper rifle you will rarely fire it rapidly, normally taking short pauses before each shot to ensure clean headshots. Certain rifles, like the AKs, have mildly high recoil, but when it comes to firing at targets a short distance away their recoil will not bother you too much. The further away your target the clearer the problem with recoil.

Payday 2

Some mods are better than others. Surprisingly enough some more expensive mods appear to be worse then other cheaper mods (such as the Stubby and the Tank). While you can detach a mod you should not throw money away by installing a mod you do not need. Experiment with them if you are looking for different gun builds.

Noise is only a factor during stealthy heists. Killing a guard can be done with melee but a pistol might be a better option if the guard saw you from a certain distance, or if you want to destroy a camera and cannot approach it. Most weapons have some type of silencer that can be attached, even shotguns. This makes it possible to take almost any weapon with you on a stealthy heist. However, once you get detected, the silencer will reduce your weapon’s damage. It is usually a better idea to have a silenced sidearm than a silenced main gun, just in case you need something with proper firepower.

It is not a bad idea to have one or two guns of the same type, if you wish to modify them to different tasks. For example, you could make an M308 that is lightweight and silenced, for stealth missions, and another with improved accuracy and damage, for loud heists. If you do not need a weapon anymore you can always sell it.


You unlock different types of armor, as you level up. Your default suit has very little armor, but it does not restrict your mobility or speed at all. The heavier the armor the slower you will move and the higher your visibility. Everything depends on your role in the crew and the heist. For example, during the Ukrainian Job you can steal the objective tiara and escape in less than a minute from the heist’s start. However, if you carry heavy armor and weapons you might not make it to the escape van before the cops arrive, if you were the ones tasked with stealing the tiara from the back rooms, thus forcing you to wait for the van to return in a few minutes. While your armor will allow you to soak up more damage the very reason why you suffer more damage might be due to your lower speed.


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