Payday 2: The Beginner’s Guide

Payday 2

Heist assets can make things go much smoother. A lot depends on whether you actually need the asset and whether the asset will help you. For example, the Ammo Drop by Alex on Big Oil could be completely wasted when all of the ammo ends up in the canyon (thanks Alex).

When you finish your Safehouse introduction you will be free to find a crew or try and perform heists offline. Crime Net does not allow for you to pick any heist you like, on any difficulty, instead different heists will appear on the world map and you will be free to join a crew, or pick one of the empty heists, thus becoming its host. As the host you can kick people from your crew and buy assets for heists. Other than that everybody is equal.

Each heist has a number of objectives. Sometimes there are optional objectives that you may choose to complete. Usually this concerns loot. For example on Watchdogs you only need four bags of coke, but you could try to save all the nine bags in order to get a bigger payout. In four stores you need only $15,000 for the escape van to be called but you could empty out every safe and cash register for more money. While on lower difficulty settings the payout for loot is smaller on Overkill you will see a clear difference, especially on such missions like Watchdogs or Rats. Being greedy is not always the way to go. You have to understand your own limits and those of your crew. If you keep dying try to take less. You will still get a payout for completing your core objectives.

Some Heists have multiple stages. After each stage you will get experience. You will not always get any money for earlier stages, especially if no loot was involved in them. During Rats you might be attacked by cops while transporting meth. During that mission you can save your meth supply but it will not give you any extra payout.

Once the Heist is complete you will get your money. You maximize your profits by taking or transporting all the possible optional loot and escaping with all your crew members alive. How much experience you get is primarily influenced by the heist’s difficulty, but you can earn additional experience when more crew members escape. Then comes the time for the Payday card game. You choose one of three cards and you get a random reward. This might be more money, a weapon mod or mask item (mask, decal, material or colors). Due to the unpredictable nature of the card game you never know what to expect from it, and the rewards will rarely be what you would hope them to be, especially when it comes to weapon mods. Still, gathering all the mods you can opens up new options in the future as you unlock new weapons. Masks are much less useful, unless you care for looks. Extra money does not hurt, but after an especially long and difficult heist where you earn $500,000 (Rats on Overkill) getting a $12,000 card bonus seems petty, to say the least.

You earn two types of cash. Most of it goes for the Overseas account, the smaller fraction is your spending money that you will actually use on buying equipment and skills.

Which Class to choose?

With four classes to choose from a lot depends on what you want to be more focused on. The Ghost is better for stealth heists, though he is still very useful during ordinary combat. Technicians have the means to help in both stealthy and loud heists, due to their choice of equipment, but before they can unlock all of it you will have to decide which equipment is most important to you. Enforcers are all about combat. If you want a class where you deal and can survive massive damage you want to play as the enforcer. The Mastermind is a good choice for people who do not only enjoy crowd control but also being crew leaders. His skills allow for cheaper assets which might make a difference on harder heists. Certain assets can only be bought by a Mastermind as well.

Payday 2

The Technician, as you can see, has many different useful skills. However in order to unlock a new tier you need to spend a certain number of skill points (how many you need to spend is shown on the right). Each unlocked tier also offers a certain bonus, to you or your crew. You can jump over tiers (as I did) to invest in skills that you might prefer.

While none of the classes has any weapon limitations (with the exception of the saw) some of them specialize in specific weapon types due to their skills. This might also be an angle for you, but since certain weapon skills have a mildly low level you could opt to multi-class to improve most of your weapons.


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