Payday 2: General Weapons Guide

Payday 2: On Modifications

A lot of guns share modifications. Rifles and shotguns share their own barrel ends, sights and gadgets. Each weapon will tend to have a handful of personal mods that you can use for it. Among the AMCARs you will find that you can share certain magazines and stocks. The Vintage magazine reduces your ammo capacity to 20 bullets, the standard will give you 30, the tactical 34. In general if you get a modification you should not completely give up on it. You could find that it can fit most of your weapons, you just have to decide to which one you should apply it. Modifications can be taken off weapons, and applied to a different one. REMEMBER you have to pay for putting a modification on a weapon every time, even if you removed it from the same weapon you are putting it on again. Some modifications are very expensive, and it is hard to tell how useful they are. Some modifications mention suppression and one of my friend observed that, it would seem, cops lose some of their accuracy, and fire less frequently, when a gun with a “high suppression” mod is fired at them. The Fire Breather and Stubby are two such rifle modifications that are meant to increase suppression. I would not take it for granted that cops will stop firing at you, but if this is the case maybe you can have an easier time escaping, by keeping the cops pinned down. The shotgun equivalent of a “high suppressor” is the Shark Teeth. The Enforcer has numerous skills that increase suppression, so if you want to force the enemy on the defensive you should play as an Enforcer (the Enforcer also specializes in shotguns).

Payday 2: Classes and Weapons

Each class specializes in slightly different weapons. Some skills will benefit all your weapons but most will focus on specific weapons. Enforcers focus on shotguns and their saw. They can have a quicker reload, better suppression, improved accuracy and lower recoil. The Saw is a unique Enforcer weapon, and you can upgrade it to do more damage and be more durable. Combine shotguns with the heaviest suit of armor in the game, available only to the enforcer, and you will be undefeated (at least in close combat). The Mastermind specializes in pistols. While it is clear that you cannot use only pistols (although the Bronco and Deagle might not agree with me) you have skills that benefit not only your pistol use but also your entire team’s. Technicians focus on rifles. This might make it the most attractive class, since you will usually use rifles. There are also many more rifles than there are shotguns. Increased damage, especially headshot damage, improved accuracy. Technicians are all about efficiency. Ghosts focus on SMGs and also silenced weapons. Since you can put a silencer on almost any weapon the Ghost would most likely put a silencer on anything he can. However, I am not certain whether the benefits of having improved stealth weapon damage compensates the whole drop in damage that silencers cause, or only part. Still, especially powerful weapons retain most of their damage dealing capacity when a silencer is put on them.


Each weapon suits a different class and play style differently. I experimented with being a sniper with a Bronco, then a “Breacher” with a shotgun and MSG. Currently I am trying the different rifles, to be a generalist. Experimentation is the way to go in Payday 2, modifying weapons in many different ways. In the end you also have to earn money to experiment but that will come together with levels, better equipments, skills and when you find a good crew to work with. Then, through completing some harder heists, you will obtain enough money to buy many different weapons. Still, it will be an expensive journey, and one of the most attractive classes because of this is again the Technician, who can buy and mod weapons at a lower price. Where I currently stand with my Technician I cut all weapon mod costs and purchases by a fifth. It might not sound like much with lower level weapons but when you buy an AMR-16 for $400,000 instead of $500,000 you begin to see a clear benefit to playing as a Technician. That is not to say other classes do not have their own benefits, but when it comes to buying equipment for yourself a Technician is the cheapest way to go.


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    AK5C (Automatkarbin [Automatic Rifle]) is based of a G3. Not even close to the Avtomat Kalashnikova series of weapons. Stop comparing them.

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      I was indeed incorrect of the type of weapon this was based on, when I was writing that guide. The AK5 is not of the Avtomat Kalashnikova series, like you said. I simply made that assumption, at the time, due to their relatively similar shapes and their in-game names. Now I know I was wrong.

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