Payday 2: General Weapons Guide


Payday 2

It looks much nicer than the Mak-10, and in many ways is an improvement over it.

Fast rate of fire, too fast perhaps. The good news is that you have four clips for it, which in a way permits you to waste its ammo rapidly. On the other hand you could be quickly plowing through your ammo reserve until there is nothing left. This is one of the guns that you must use in close combat, otherwise you will not negate its weaknesses (recoil and low accuracy) and instead waste a lot of your ammo.


Payday 2

My least used gun, ever. It does look nice though.

Just no. You will have only two clips worth of this miniature AK and they will be gone before you can say “Ammo Bag!”. While it deals a lot of damage its recoil and low accuracy make it a very impractical weapon to use. The CMP at least has more ammo, so you can spray and pray. With the Krinkov you cannot afford such a luxury because you only have 60 bullets total. Use it only in close combat, as hitting targets at a medium range will be difficult.

Stryk 18c

Payday 2

Looks almost like the Chimano.

One of the biggest problems with the Stryk is also its greatest strength, an insane rate of fire. The Stryk is only, and purely, a close combat weapon. You can run through its clip in mere seconds (if not just two seconds) but the recoil will be so bad you will have a very hard time hitting anything that is not directly in front of you. Even then I found it very hard to control the Stryk. For its price there are other more accurate and easier to control weapons, so why use the Stryk? With mods you could extend its clip and add a bit more control, to make it easier to use in close combat, or even medium ranges. Because of its fast rate of fire it could be considered an emergency “KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES” gun. Assuming you hit what you were aiming at there is a good chance it will be dead once your clip is empty.

Korbus 90

Payday 2

… how the hell do you hold it?

While it has only two clips they are sizable (fifty bullets each) and it has surprisingly good control at close to medium ranges. I do not even bother looking down its sights, mainly using it for close combat (much like the Stryk) when I have to quickly fire a lot of bullets at nearby enemies. Unlike the Stryk though it is much easier to manage. You could eat through its ammo quickly though, leaving you with an empty sidearm.


Payday 2

My customized Deagle. With Bling and Overkill (barrel exit).

In theory the Deagle deals less damage than the Bronco. From personal experience it can kill tougher cops with single shots, just like the Bronco, although it is true it is overall weaker. Why use the Deagle then? Higher rate of fire, larger magazine, accurate at even long ranges. In many ways it is like the Bronco, only better. I did find one problem with it, that makes me stick to the Bronco more than the Deagle. The Deagle is Semi-Automatic. What’s the problem with that? Since you have only three clips, each one with ten bullets, you could get carried away and empty two entire clips, by using your Deagle like a Crosskill. You do not have the same feeling with the Bronco, because it has a lower rate of fire and it feels heavier. I found that while I would have less kills and no ammo with the Deagle I would have way more kills with the Bronco, and still have plenty of ammo on me. Still, the Deagle is good for those who can keep their trigger fingers pacified. There is nothing wrong with a cannon that can fire rapidly, especially when you need to fire it rapidly. It is the most expensive sidearm you can get your hands on, so I suggest trying the Bronco before you jump for the Deagle.


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  1. Gabriel says:

    Bronco has no scope.

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    bronco is a unicorn? will show its horns lolz

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    Thanks,A very useful information.

  4. Jasonissm says:

    AK5C (Automatkarbin [Automatic Rifle]) is based of a G3. Not even close to the Avtomat Kalashnikova series of weapons. Stop comparing them.

    • WriterX says:

      I was indeed incorrect of the type of weapon this was based on, when I was writing that guide. The AK5 is not of the Avtomat Kalashnikova series, like you said. I simply made that assumption, at the time, due to their relatively similar shapes and their in-game names. Now I know I was wrong.

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    I like that you tried to make witty puns but a bronco is a horse and so would have no horns to bare lol.

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