Payday 2: General Weapons Guide

Bernetti 9

Payday 2

The classy Bernetti 9, with the Professional mod.

I was skeptical of the Bernetti, because of my experience with the Crosskill and Bronco. Turns out the Bernetti is a decent higher level gun, on the level, or slightly above, of the Crosskill. It has a higher magazine capacity and MUCH higher overall ammo capacity. While you could just waste all those bullets blindly well placed headshots are efficient in taking down most armored cops (you will need a few shots though). However, its low recoil and decent accuracy make this one of the best sidearms in your arsenal, and just like the Crosskill it may be customized in a number of possible ways, depending on your play style. It deals only a bit more damage than the Compact-5 per shot, which might mean that the Compact-5 is a better choice (higher rate of fire, similar ammo reserve). On the other hand, if you care about accuracy per shot then the Bernetti will be a better choice.

Locomotive 12G

Payday 2

The standard Locomotive 12G.

Need a smaller shotgun to come together with your bigger shotgun? Maybe you just need something with a bigger punch? Look no further. The Locomotive 12G is a surprisingly powerful weapon, despite its size. It is best suited for close combat. It is similar in feel to the Reinfield, although the Locomotive has a much shorter range. Still, you do not want to be a cop meeting face to face with this monster.


Payday 2

The highly mod-able Compact.

Who would not want a Compact 5? Add a silencer, laser, scope, and you can feel like a Spec Ops. It might not be the most powerful weapon but a large ammo supply, rate of fire and accuracy make it one of the most popular sidearm choices. During the Beta few would not agree that the Compact-5 was one of the most “OP” weapons in the game. Now that reputation died down a bit but it is still a very popular weapon. While on the level of the Bernetti you might find it more suitable for holding corridors or pinning down cops, rather than sniping.


Payday 2

It might look like the AMCAR’s ugly cousin, but looks can be deceiving.

If you need a mini-AMCAR you found one. It might not be as powerful as its cousins but it is still a weapon to be reckoned with. Good damage and good accuracy. Even the clip size is decent (25 bullets) and you have four clips worth of it (100 total). If you need something to watch your back then this is not a bad choice. You might even forget you have a main weapon, as use the Para. On the other hand, tougher cops will pose a far bigger challenge, unless you aim for their heads.


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  1. Gabriel says:

    Bronco has no scope.

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    bronco is a unicorn? will show its horns lolz

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    Thanks,A very useful information.

  4. Jasonissm says:

    AK5C (Automatkarbin [Automatic Rifle]) is based of a G3. Not even close to the Avtomat Kalashnikova series of weapons. Stop comparing them.

    • WriterX says:

      I was indeed incorrect of the type of weapon this was based on, when I was writing that guide. The AK5 is not of the Avtomat Kalashnikova series, like you said. I simply made that assumption, at the time, due to their relatively similar shapes and their in-game names. Now I know I was wrong.

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    I like that you tried to make witty puns but a bronco is a horse and so would have no horns to bare lol.

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