Payday 2: General Weapons Guide

Payday 2: Sidearms

Sidearms are just as important as your main weapons. A good sidearm will save you when you are downed, or help you push through some annoying cops, when you are low on ammo for your primary gun. There are, in general, three types of sidearms. A single shotgun, SMGs and pistols. Which one should you choose?

Chimano 88

Payday 2

It looks almost exactly like a Stryk.

Your default and cheapest pistol. In many ways it feels like the AMCAR. Good for humble beginnings but you should buy the next best thing, as soon as possible. It is not a powerful sidearm, but it will get the job done, at least on lower difficulty levels.


Payday 2

A Crosskill with a silencer.

The Crosskill is one of my top choices, when it comes to early heists. It can pack a decent punch, has average ammo capacity but most importantly it can perform both as an adequate stealth weapon and “all out” gun. I have used two separate Crosskills, depending on the heist type, and each time they did not disappoint me. You may choose not to buy two variants, and instead focus on either a stealthy or loud variant but know that both will be equally practical.

Mark 10

Payday 2

It is a very unassuming and boxy looking thing.

Rapid fire, little accuracy, low damage. This is the first SMG you can get your hands on (at a decent price too). The Mark 10 is usually for those who need the extra firepower, when their main gun is low on ammo. It will have a bit of a hard time taking out armored cops, but releasing a quick burst into somebody’s face is oh so satisfying.

Bronco .44

Payday 2

A Bronco with a (Over)Compensator.

The Bronco (nicknamed Magnum by myself) is one of the best damage-dealing sidearms in the game. It has a low rate of fire and small capacity but if you treat it well, feed it some good mods, and actually aim with it, you will be able to take down Spec Ops with single well placed shots (I may be biased here, since the Technician has a headshot damage bonus). The Compensator mod is useful when you want to turn your Bronco into something akin of a sniper rifle. Do not be fooled by its low rate of fire. In a tight corner, surrounded by cops, the Bronco will show its horns.


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  1. Gabriel says:

    Bronco has no scope.

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    bronco is a unicorn? will show its horns lolz

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    Thanks,A very useful information.

  4. Jasonissm says:

    AK5C (Automatkarbin [Automatic Rifle]) is based of a G3. Not even close to the Avtomat Kalashnikova series of weapons. Stop comparing them.

    • WriterX says:

      I was indeed incorrect of the type of weapon this was based on, when I was writing that guide. The AK5 is not of the Avtomat Kalashnikova series, like you said. I simply made that assumption, at the time, due to their relatively similar shapes and their in-game names. Now I know I was wrong.

  5. GBWiz says:

    I like that you tried to make witty puns but a bronco is a horse and so would have no horns to bare lol.

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